Governor Cuomo, Time To Go To Confession

    but those who confess and forsake them obtain mercy.


All lies have tails. When a lie is exposed it’s like a broken dam washing out everything in its path but when the truth is exposed it makes healing possible.

Powerful People

When a person in a powerful position lies, he has to cover up the lies with distractions. Governor Cuomo thought because he is governor of New York he was invincible. After moving infected persons from hospitals to the nursing homes, he lied about the actual number of  deaths in the nursing homes, while at the same time promoting a book on how well he was handling the COVID-19 virus in his state. This deflection worked well for Cuomo until another problem arose: he got caught up in his web of lies when three women came forward to share their sexual abuse allegations against him. When you tell a big whopper and think you’re getting away with it, you continue to build your mountain of dung until its stench becomes too offensive. Cuomo received an Emmy for all the great work he was doing. Seems to me that he received this Emmy for best actor in convincing the world of his sack of lies.


Signing the bill to abort full term babies


Several years ago I shared on my blog how Governor Cuomo proudly signed the bill that allowed doctors to murder a full-term baby after birth. With pen in hand this atrocious bill was passed. When you open these doors of sin and have no remorse, you’re exposed for who you are and what you represent. God always deals with these arrogant people by giving them an opportunity to free themselves of their sin. The governor stated that, He has no intentions of stepping down because he said,” It was the people who elected me into office, not politicians.” What we have here is an arrogant spirit who believes his lies and has no regards for his constituents. In Cuomo’s eyes he’s too loved and popular to lose at this game.

Now that the blanket of lies has been uncovered and those who came alongside the governor are being unveiled, it’s no surprise to me that their day of reckoning is coming. This includes Linda Lacewell.

Linda Lacewell

As the Superintendent of the New York State Department of Financial Services, she is one of several loyal aides who altered the Department of Health reported deaths in the nursing homes by an estimated 3,500. She has worked as an Adjunct Professor at NYU Law, teaching ethics in government.  We should not be shocked with this news because these people are teaching our students, which is why these kids are aimlessly lost. In case you’ve forgotten the meaning of ethics, this is from Webster’s Dictionary:


eth·​ic | \ ˈe-thik \

Definition of ethic

1ethics plural in form but singular or plural in construction : the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation

2a: a set of moral principles : a theory or system of moral values the present-day materialistic ethican old-fashioned work ethicoften used in plural but singular or plural in construction
These self-anointed, corrupt leaders are the systemic problem in our society; they have been promoted and honored, by conveying their unscrupulous behaviors as acceptable. They author books to convince us of the great knowledge and authority they have. While the elderly were dying, Cuomo was writing a book about how well he handled COVID-19 in the state of New York. His book landed on New York Times best seller list. Why has this book not been cancelled, and why is Amazon still making a available?

The Catholic Truth

All along this governor has stated his allegiance to his Catholic faith. You cannot be Catholic if you support the killing of babies through abortions. Allow me to reiterate: There are Ten Commandments and the sixth one states “Thou shall not kill!” So if you are truly serving God as a Catholic or as a Protestant Christian, these laws of the Bible still apply. You cannot arbitrarily change the Word of God; this is why it was written in stone! Our current government can change laws and impose ridiculous sanctions, but the eyes of our ever-watchful God are on all of us.

Little Brother Chris

Remember all the joking during the height of the pandemic and how Chris himself, resurrected out of his basement with the CNN cameras rolling to report on his recovery? All this occurred while his brother didn’t even bother to give dignity to the deaths of the elderly. He learned well from his perverse big brother, or, in this case, The Big Apple fell on his head.

The only possible reason for altering the number of deaths of the elderly is so they can use all these unreported deaths as votes they can count in the next election. That’s how liars and cheaters work.


A few weeks ago we had a priest friend over for dinner. Our 11 year-old-grandson asked him what type of sins have people confessed. After a chuckle the priest answered, “I’ve heard every sin mentioned in the Ten Commandments.”

Confessing our sins releases us of a burden that the Devil uses to bring guilt. We all suffer from bad habits, but by confessing them we will be conscience of them and eventually break from this sinful pattern. We learn to forgive those who have wounded us when we confess our hurts. Anger is a sin; many of us, including me, are suffering from this. When I confess anger, the priest serves as Christ personified. His loving words always release the anger from my spirit. Our hearts are purified and the joy of the Lord is restored in our spirits. More than anything the bond with God is re-established when we confess our sins.

19 Repent, therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be wiped away,

My Prayer

Dear Lord, touch the hearts of those so deep in their sins that they cannot see the light. Lord, You are the maker of us all. You’ve allowed those in high places to serve our country. Father, bring them into a state of humility where they can be used by You. Lord, grant your mercy on those who have a contrite heart. Remove the spirit of arrogance from Governor Cuomo and remind him that we are in the holy season of Lent. Repenting and confessing his sins is his only hope because without You, Lord, the governor will be swallowed up in his own pride. Amen.

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