Ahh The Holy Days

The origin of the word holiday comes from Old English “haligdaeg,” which mean holy day combined. So the next time someone greets you “Happy Holidays” just reply, Happy Holy day to you too! The meaning gets all twisted to make sure no one is offended by saying Merry Christmas. This type of political correctness is ridiculous because 10 years ago it was not a big deal to greet a customer with “Merry Christmas.” The road we have taken not to offend will soon lead to a simple nob of the head without uttering a word.

Thanksgiving is upon us! Then Black Friday, then support your local small business Saturday. I love the Holy Days!

Mike, took over making our Thanksgiving dinner early in our marriage. We discuss the meal planning and my answer is always “I guess that’s a good idea.” I really don’t have a clue because my role is to clean up after he is done with the  cooking.  The main course, the turkey spends a spa night soaking in a special brine. The wonderful creamed corn, the potatoes au gratin and the stuffing made with corn tortillas are the part of the most perfect meal. Mike’s production in the kitchen is a labor of love for all of us. He is the  reluctant chef, and needs our affirmation to make sure that his efforts are not in vain. I make the gravy. No one knows that my soul is in this menial effort, no one affirms the taste or the perfection of the texture. They just take it for granted, gravy is gravy right? So what if it takes a total of five minutes to make, you can’t have turkey without it.img_3259

The table will be set with gold rim dishes from Target and turkey salad plates from Home Goods and I will bring out my crystal that I purchased for a song in Poland. I do not have 16 matching anything so we will do with what we have.img_3254

The appetizesr and salad are made by Jenny (daughter-in-law). Her dressings are always homemade and everyone loves to start dinner with the finely shopped concoction of fresh vegetables. Her appetizers are equally as tasty, some I enjoy more than others but I have the tendency to fill up on those extra carbs.

Sonja’s  (daughter)  job is desserts. Turtle cheese cake, pumpkin pies, pecan pies and sometimes peanut butter balls. This year she wants to make mimi everything and though I gave a thumbs up I not sure if this is going to work for us. Mini means one serving and on this day I’m thinking that this may not be enough for us to really pig out. I feel like it’s more like portion control. Sonja is just making enough for two each, that really is not sitting well with me either, what if we want more? I praying she will change her mind.

Have you ever suffered from a food coma? This happens when all the carbs meet in your stomach and fight for their rightful place.  The internal battle so intense it tires, therefore causing drowsiness and incoherent behavior, the only antidote is a power nap or you could do what some family members do, mysteriously disappears and sleeping for hours. This type of gluttony is only acceptable several times a year, if you engage in this more than that, you are a bon a fide glutton.

The Bible speaks of gluttony as an addition. Proverbs 23:12 “The heavy drinker and the glutton will come to property, And drowsiness will cloth one with rags.” Of course this is an extreme for a Thanksgiving meal besides we are exempt on this day.

Getting together with so many people takes special graces and  we need to be loving. As a hostess it falls on me to be a servant as well, making sure all the needs of our guest are met. we are expecting 16 total guest and I want to be sure express the love of Christ to each one. Sometimes things don’t go as smoothly,  all we can do is just hold our tongues and smile believing that all will end well.

My Thanksgiving Prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father we invite you in our home to bless all that pass through these doors. May your loving arms welcome each one of them, may they feel your love and special graces. Dear Lord, on this day set aside for thanksgiving may we all realize how very blessed we are to have each other. May our words be filter to be kind and sincere.  Let no one feel unwelcome or out of place in our home today and always. Bless all who lovingly helped with the production of the meal. Amen





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