My Dog life

Some of our dogs, Sonja’s dog Raymond, Reisa, and Mikos’s Big Mel

Dogs are mentioned in the Bible over 40 times, but most of the stories involving man’s best friend are  unfavorable, being derogatory and depicting dogs in a bad light. This story is about the dogs in my life.

Blackie, a short black Heinz 57 variety, was the first childhood dog that I remember; he was run over by a vehicle driven by a gas repair man. We put Blackie in an old box, had a funeral, and buried him in a shallow grave.  Blackie never rested in peace because we were curious kids who morbidly checked on the dead dog by digging around him with sticks.

Albino, an all white mutt was our next dog, Bino for short. Bino lived a wonderful life until a neighbor shot him. Our yard had fences on both sides but not in front, Bino ran the neighborhood freely.  Bino fell in love with a designer dog down the street and was consummating their union when he was shot. This was no shotgun wedding; the bullet was meant for Bino’s death. I was in the front yard along with other neighborhood kids when a redneck woman with a huge shotgun shot my dog.   Bino got hit on his right hip. My mother called the police but nothing ever came of this.  Suing was not an option; we just dealt with it. For the rest of Bino’s life he hopped on three legs.

All of our childhood dogs were outside pets; they rarely got shots or flea treatments, and for sure were never spayed or neutered. They ate scraps from the table and only if the dog food was on sale did they get canned  food. They never experienced teeth cleaning and their real coats were there only clothing. We gave our dogs real bones and they really buried them in the back yard.

When Mike and I were newlyweds, I got two useless dogs, Ella and Oso. They were ridiculous and we had to get rid of them due to a no-pets clause in our rental agreement.  Oso was given to a hippie that we worked with. Oso resented this betrayal, and when I would ran into him, the dog would completely ignore me.

Solo, the sweet crying dog

Solo, the cocker spaniel, was a sweet pet, who suffered abandonment issues. Solo was a big crybaby, who howled a lot. I took him to a specialist (dog trainer) in an attempt to correct this annoying behavior. “Put coins in an empty can and throw it out the window when he starts crying,” said the trainer, but nothing worked. As Solo got older he started developing a body odor so bad that no one could be around him. When a tile man was installing new flooring in the kitchen, Solo hung out by the kitchen door. The man asked me to please put the dog in the garage so he could finish the job. The odor so bad that Solo had to be put on a special diet to control the stench. Solo was a flea bag too, and though he had regular treatments, the fleas loved him. Towards the end of his life he went blind and deaf, which posing an even greater problem, landing him in the pool. I would hear my son Mikos yell out from his room “Solo fell in the pool!” That was my signal to run from wherever I was to rescue the deaf and blind dog from drowning. From all the accidental falls in the pool, Solo developed chronic ear infections and he was finally laid to rest by Deanna, our babysitter.

Reisa Ciriza, the nicest of all dogs

Reisa Ciriza, was our golden retriever, her entire life ambition was to chase balls and swim. She was the nicest of all the dogs. Once I was so sad and upset about something that I let Reisa into the house and she licked up my tears; it was as if God used the dog to bring me peace. Reisa died at the hands of my nieces Leah and Maggie, who kept throwing the tennis ball to her until she could no longer take it.

Big Mel, strolling in from Ledbetter Beach

Big Mel was given to us by a neighbor and was a huge golden that suffered from narcissism. He intentionally knocked over small children, and had been through three families.  We were his last chance because he was going to be put down due to his bad behavior. We took him in, Big Mel was a Houdini and would always escape on trash day to knock over the neighbor’s trash bins. We could not handle him either, and shipped him to Santa Barbara with Mikos. They were inseparable, Mel finally experienced true love. While Mikos attended classes, Big Mel entertained himself at the beach, and everyone in the community knew him, including the police. Mikos remembers when a police car drove up with Big Mel in the back seat; the officer opened the door and Big Mel jumped out . Big Mel used his nose to let himself into the house.  We were all there the day he went to dog heaven. My son took Big Mel’s collar and buried it at Ledbetter Beach in Santa Barbara.

Shadrach Angelico, the swimmer
Shadrach Angelico

Our last dog was Shadrach Angelico Ciriza. He suffered from ADD,ADHD and was just crazy. He chewed the dining table, the kitchen door, and several backyard hoses. He got ahold of the telephone repairman’s equipment and destroyed it. Shadrach loved to run the streets. Once he escaped, broke into my neighbor’s house and ate their dinner. He was a great swimmer and summer was his season. Swimming daily, he and I did laps together and he would always beat me. When he got on in years, he could no longer get out of the pool without help. My beautiful Shadrach suffered from a debilitating back problem. His last day was spent under the St. Francis water fountain in our backyard. St. Francis called him peacefully home.


Maddie, Rosie, and Paco

Mike and I decided to be dog free because we travel and did not want to be burdened with dog care. We now have two grand dogs that visit every time their families come. Paco spends his time barking at airplanes, lizards and anything that makes the slightest sound. Rosie, is a sweet mild mannered golden that thinks she is a small lap dog. Unlike her ancestors, she hates the pool.

“As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool to his folly.” Proverbs 26:11

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The Santa Barbara House Fire

My husband Mike is a tortillero, which means he has been in the tortilla business his entire life. For years we were owners of a mid-size tortilla factory. We had over 150 employees, and I was in charge of Human Resources. This was a part-time job; I was working short hours to see to our family’s needs. Since HR required wearing different hats, I was also in charge of all Workers’ Compensation. Several times a year I had to attend mandatory conferences to stay informed with the ever-changing laws.

Anaheim Convention Center Conference

The conference was an all-day meeting with executives from different insurance branches speaking about safety and how to prevent injuries. I remember signing up for the lectures on the lawsuits  because we had suffered from two frivolous, related claims that year.

Sonja’s winter formal

Our daughter was a junior in high school, living the life of a carefree teenager. During the conference lunch break I called Sonja. There were no cell phones at the time so I waited my turn to use a public telephone.

Just An Ordinary Day for Sonja

Sonja answered the phone, but the conversation took so many turns that I had forgotten why I called. “Are you and dad going to give me a summer job? If you are, I can only work part-time. I need a couple of days off during the week so that I can go to the beach.” This was just part of her roller coaster ride of a conversation. Sonja went on to talk about her winter formal dress. “When can we go shopping? I need shoes for the dress, I want them to match perfectly. If we can’t find the right color, I guess we can buy some white satin ones and have them dyed.” By this time I was out of breath. It was the last part of Sonja’s conversation that I could not believe, “By the way, your son called, he said that the house in Santa Barbara burnt down.” Now I was speechless! “Wait! Wait! Can you repeat that? What are you talking about?” I yelled. Again Sonja repeated that the house in Santa Barbara had burnt down. I could not breathe! I called Mike and he could not breathe. Was Mikos alright? He and his friend were living in our house at that time. Mikos had already contacted Mike, who was on his way to a meeting with Alpha Beta (a large grocery chain). After the meeting Mike immediately called Mikos, “Are you okay, did anyone get hurt?” Mikos was pretty shaken up and answered that both he and his roommate Rick were fine.

Chicago, Mikos and Rick, in Rick’s room

Mikos’ Story

Mikos was a junior at Westmont College. Instead of staying for chapel, he would go home in between classes to cook breakfast. Rick, his roommate, had just broken up with his girlfriend and was feeling melancholy; so he lit a candle in his room, then jumped into the shower. While Mikos was frying some bacon, he noticed dust coming from the backyard. Rick’s room was the converted garage. His first thought was that Rick was dusting out his floor rug. Then he remembered that Rick was in the shower. Mikos went out the kitchen door to investigate, and, as he approached the door of Rick’s room, he realized that it was on fire. He ran back inside to inform Rick that his room was on fire. Another friend, James, was visiting. Mikos yelled out for James to call 911. Then Mikos ran back outside to assess the fire.  James could not find the cordless phone and did what he thought was best for himself. He grabbed his backpack and skateboard, jumped out of one of the bedroom windows and rode off into the sunset. In the meantime Mikos was frantically looking for the phone. He found it buried in the couch, called 911, and ran back outside with a garden hose to try to put out the flames. If you live in Santa Barbara you would understand that the water pressure in this city is the worst. Seeing that the fire was out of his control, he ran back inside the house to try to salvage whatever he could. The firemen arrived and quickly put out the flames. The fire chief questioned both Mikos and Rick, asking if they had had an argument of some sort, or if one of them started dating the other’s girlfriend. They were both so scared straight they could not lie. Well, not until one of the firemen came out with a sock in his hand. The young fireman called  Mikos aside and pulled a stash of pot out of the sock. “Is this yours?” he asked. “I’ve never seen that, no, it’s not mine,” Mikos nervously replied. The fireman then said to Mikos, “Well then, we won’t report this to the police.” The sly fireman put the pot carefully back into the sock and hid it in his jacket. He scored a free hit of pot from two vulnerable, traumatized college kids.

Fire and Rain

Sonja was partly right; half of the house was damaged. Mike arrived the following morning to meet with the insurance adjuster. We were frustrated with the adjuster’s report. The insurance agreed to only pay for the part of the roof that was damaged. They would replace the windows only on half of the house. Since the kitchen and bathroom were functioning, they considered the home livable. Then came one of the greatest rainstorms in the history of Santa Barbara. No plastic tarp could keep the torrential rain from causing more damage to the already impaired cottage. Mikos said that every night during the storm he had to get up on the roof to staple the tarp over a huge hole caused by the fire.  He was worried that the roof would cave in because the ceiling of his room had swollen with water. He’d call us to complain, but there was nothing we could do. Mikos was finally growing up and, literally, worrying about the roof over his head.

We had to call the insurance adjuster again because the fire happened just a few days before the rainstorm. Now we had to deal with two different claims. It was an uphill battle but we finally got everything squared away. It took a total of six months to get our home in Santa Barbara in order.

Mikos and Rick quickly became friends with the construction workers. This was a new type of fraternity that had special fringe benefits: new drinking buddies. Mikos claimed that after the construction was complete, they had the best party in the history of Westmont College, and James was in attendance.

Our Santa Barbara home

This is why I could only work part-time: our kids were still driving us crazy. On the up side, I can honestly report that our daughter Sonja was always on the honor role and is one of the most responsible adults that I know. Perhaps we spoiled her but in the end she has learned to live a wonderful, productive life with her two sons and husband Russ. Looking back at Mikos’ life, I would say that I had to pray for him a little more than for Sonja. I’m happy to report that all his life experiences have caused him to become a conscientious young man. He is a great husband to Jenny and father of two.

Don’t Worry…Learn to Pray

We had the means to rescue Mikos and set him up at a hotel while our home was under construction but we chose not to.  When Sonja started working while she was in college, we stopped most of her personal financial aid. We made these decisions because we felt that our kids needed to fend for themselves. This was also my genesis in the world of effectual prayer and trusting God. I dove in and never came out.

Santa Barbara Cottage

We still own our little home in Santa Barbara, located a block and a half from Ledbetter Beach. It has served as an investment for us. We always talk about taking it over and making it a vacation home, but we’re all too busy for that commitment. In the meantime, a wonderful family of four has been occupying our home responsibly for over ten years. I thank God for that!

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I was Scammed…Twice

Mike was traveling more than usual so he decided that we needed the Ring device. The Ring is a doorbell equipped with a camera. It rings when there is activity  within the eye of the camera. To me, the Ring is just another “big brother” device watching our every move. When we first set it up, it was over-sensitive and would go off with a slight breeze. The Ring also became a secret agent for Mike. I don’t usually order things online, but due to the lockdown I was forced to.  In the past I could just sneak in the packages without the local police knowing about it. Now nothing escapes Mike. During the pandemic I was shopping online because my favorite retailer was selling items for 70% off! So I purchased some merchandise; who wouldn’t at that price? The problem with pandemic shopping is you can’t hide anything!  I came across a retailer on Facebook called loveforjesus. They were closing  and all their wonderful Christian merchandise was on sale. Their product line was really appealing: shirts with the word faith written in the form of a cross,  jewelry with crosses looped through an infinity silver necklace, and bracelets.  How can you go wrong with the closeout price?

Order Placed

Look at their fake logo, but I really like the necklace
I still love this shirt

On March 20th, I placed an order totaling $41.67 and paid through PayPal. On March 22nd  I received a confirmation with an order number. The email stated that they were getting ready to ship the merchandise and would follow up with a tracking number. It also stated that due to the COVID-19, the shipping would be delayed by an additional seven days. This was the first red flag. On April 8th I received another email; this was to inform me that they were forced to switch shipping companies. “The new shipping company is charging more, but don’t worry, we will pay for that. For all the inconvenience, we would like to offer you 20% off the already reduced price.” This was red flag number two. I logged onto their website and did some Mother’s Day shopping. This time the total was $50.37 for Jesus t-shirts for my daughter Sonja, and daughter-in-law Jenny. I was so pleased with these purchases, and Mike was going to be so elated with all the money I saved.

Mother’s Day Debacle

Each time the Ring device would go off, I thought it was my order from loveforjesus. I started to get a little worried, so I ordered back-up Mother’s Day gifts for the girls from Nordstrom Rack. I emailed loveforjesus and my email came back with Mailer-Daemon (I always thought it read mailer demon). I was beyond outraged, and I had all the time in the world to fight. I sent another email and received this:


Charles (Customer Service)

Apr 29, 14:30 -05

Hello Lynda,

Thank you for your message.
One of your orders is in transit and the other is ready for shipping.
You will receive a confirmation as well as the tracking number as soon as it has shipped out.

Kind regards,


Apr 28, 23:33 -05

I find that your company’s lack of professionalism is what troubles me the most. Where are my two orders? Even if they were coming from a slow boat in China, the merchandise should have already arrived. Please refund my money.

Lynda Ciriza
Sonja, me and Jenny on Mother’s Day

I got the bank involved, and the money was quickly reimbursed into my account. The bank will deal with these cyber heisters. Nothing angers me more than using the name of God in oder to gain revenue.


I was to embarrassed to share this with Mike but if Sonja got wind of this, she would take it to high heaven. I only wish I had not mentioned that I had ordered some Jesus t-shirts for her. I knew she would remember because she said, “Oh, no thank you.” So I had to tell her that the Jesus t-shirts never came in. Then came the interrogation, “Where did you order them from?” My reply was short and sweet, “What does it matter, they never came in.” PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME YOU ORDER OFF OF FACEBOOK! she sounded off. “So what if I did! Did you pay for it?”I answered.  Mom, you are never supposed to order from accounts on Facebook! Did you check their reviews?” “What do you mean?” My next thought was, why would I need to check the reviews on a company that was named after our Lord “loveforjesus“? Sure enough, Sonja was right. When we checked the reviews they were mostly complaints, and many customers referred to them as scammers.


Mike manages all of our finances, and though I have my own credit cards, he still pays them.  I had to tell him about the fake Jesus company. “Did you give them your credit number?” He asked. Even though I’m still writing checks, this was an electronic exchange payment. “Yes, how else do you pay?” I answered. Then came the lecture. “So now they have all of our information?” Mike was upset, I wanted to tell him that at least they don’t have our first born, but I dared not. After almost 49 years of marriage you’d think he cut me some slack.  It never matters because whatever it is that I’ve gotten myself  into, Mike will fix it. This is a constant.


My family never lets me get away with anything. After Sonja made this a topic of conversation on Mother’s Day. Mikos added, “Mom, are you still hiding packages from Dad? Will that ever change?” “I guess not!” I replied, with a sarcastic look on my face.

PayPal and Facebook

Are not these two conglomerates reputable? PayPal was the first to wash their hands of this, stating that since the bank, and not me, came to them, it was my problem. Even if I had attempted to contact them, I’d still be placed on hold. Facebook does have a headquarters phone number, but they handle themselves via cold media: no contact, no bond, and no human voice. In the meantime the merchandise never arrived.  I still reserve a little ray of hope that loveforjesus will come through, but I’m not holding my breath.

loveforjesus broke the second commandment:

Exodus 20:7 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)


You shall not invoke the name of the Lord, your God, in vain. For the Lord will not leave unpunished anyone who invokes his name in vain.

In other words, loveforjesus, you’re going to pay for this scam. And the best part about this is that God is going to deal with you.
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