Father Leonard’s Calling

Father Leonard celebrating Mass at the House of the Virgin Mary at Mt. Koressos in Ephesus

I met Anthony at Christ In You, a ministry we both attended. Anthony was part of the homeless ministry as well as taking part in most activities with the team. This story is about his calling into to the religious life to the Franciscan Order.

Leah, Anthony (Father Leonard), Me and Melinda at Mt. Tabor, Israel

We always had these plays that the ministry would put on, Anthony usually played the part of Jesus. Our hectic schedules did not allow much time for play practice. We had the dress rehearsal just hours before the production and most of us did not know our lines, it was through the grace of God that we survived the plays. Anthony and I would practice our lines in the ministry parking lot and were rarely prepared for what lay ahead. I got to know his commitment to God with our amateur productions.

Anthony wanted a career that would enable him to help others. He was almost accepted into the Sheriff’s department, but the day before his physical agility test, Anthony injured his Achilles tendon and was out of commission. In order to become a California Highway Patrol officer, Anthony needed corrective surgery to repair astigmatism, but after six surgical procedures to correct his vision it did not meet the strict standards of the department and he had to leave the program. He tried out for the LAPD, which would allow him to wear contact lenses. However due to the multiple eye surgeries left him with scar tissue that prevented him from wearing the contact lenses. He was accepted to the Los Angeles Fire Academy but was not at peace.  Before all these efforts, however, Anthony had looked into the religious life but was discouraged by the vocation directors.

Anthony remained steadfast and continued to serve God with Christ in You as well as serving as the youth director at his parish. He worked full time at the Sears warehouse, then did ministry after work, but he still believed  that he was not doing enough work for God. The Sheriff’s Department , the California Highway Patrol, and the Los Angeles Police Department all closed the door to a future for him, and though he had a open door to the Los Angeles Fire Academy, there was no peace.  All these trials did not change his spiritual life dedicated to  finding his place in God.

He had watched EWTN  on a regular basis (EWTN is an acronym for Eternal Word Television Network). EWTN was the brainchild of Mother Angelica in Irondale, Alabama, and is the largest global Catholic network in the world. Anthony was always praying about his call, and he decided to contact EWTN because they had a community of Franciscan priests. Much to Anthony’s surprise, within three days, a priest, Father Anthony from EWTN,contacted him and invited Anthony to visit the order. Anthony was subsequently accepted into the religious life.

I still remember the day he left, and though I shared in the joy of his calling, he was greatly missed. I too watch EWTN, and it was a wonderful surprise to see him assisting at daily Mass. It made my heart glad that we could see him daily on television.

Anthony never felt peace with fire department, and all the surgeries to correct his vision for the sheriff’s department only led him to minister to the doctor and his staff. At Sears he was learning managerial skills; at Christ In You he was learning counseling skills and at the parish, he was being trained to work with the youth.

Anthony was 27 years old when he entered the religious life. The first two years are in Franciscan formation, two years of basic studies, two years at the Pontificate University Puerto Rico where he studied philosophy. At St. Mary Seminary, after four years he earned his Masters in Divinity, with a minor in communications.

Meet Father Leonard of the Holy Spirit, ordination

When Anthony received his diaconate, we were there to support him. When he was ordained a priest, we traveled back to Alabama to witness this incredible young man’s journey into the priesthood. Father Leonard Mary of the Holy Spirit was the name that he chose because there was already a Father Anthony in the small community of Fransicans. Father said he listened to a homily about St. Leonard and loved his charism.

Father Leonard had many mentors along the way, his parents Helen and Peter were his biggest prayer support as well as his older brother Peter. His mother Helen was suffering with terminal cancer, and died eight years before he became a priest. Helen always knew that Anthony would one day become a priest.

When Anthony was a teenager, Father Luke, a Benedictine was always encouraging young Anthony to attend adoration (prayer before the Blessed Sacrament) father told him the importance of reading Scripture. Anthony never forgot the great words of wisdom of Father Luke, who died in 1994. When Father Leonard was assigned to a Benedictine Parish in Baltimore, he met Father Pascal. Father Pascal is a monk from St. Vincent Archabbey Seminary, where Father Luke was assigned a deacon. Father Pascal and Father Luke were friends. This was no coincidence for Father Leonard for he knew that Father Luke was interceding for him in heaven.

Father Leonard and Joanne

Joanne, the leader of Christ In You, also served as a mentor. She knew all along that Father Leonard was called to the priesthood.

Today Father Leonard is the Chaplain of the EWTN employees, and he is head of the media, in charge of the website for the friars, which includes Facebook, Intagram and Twitter. Father Leonard celebrates Masses on a regular basis, and he can be seen on EWTN, Channel 370 DirecTV. He also does retreats and is involved in faith formation of young brothers.

Father Leonard portraying Jesus and me as the Blessed Mother
Father Leonard ministering in the cave of St. John in Patmos

Father Leonard has traveled with us to Israel, Turkey, Spain, France, Greece, Mexico, and Italy. On several occasions, he has carried the Cross on the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem, portraying Jesus. Expressing the same mantle of Saint Francis by carrying the cross, Father Leonard exemplifies the love for Jesus crucified. In the words, of St. Francis “There is where you find perfect love.”

My prayer

Dear Lord, there are so many you have called, but they have not found their way. Father, I ask that we all search our souls for what you have waiting for us, reveal yourself to those seeking direction and grant them a peace that surpasses all understanding. Amen

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  1. So good to read this brings back so many memories. I praise God we were fortunate enough to travel and witness his steps to priesthood. Gives me an extra surge of energy to fulfill what God has called me to do. I think my catholic roots are showing too.

  2. I had seen Father Leonard on EWTN during mass. I had a curiosity about him so I decided to do some research online. I soon found out he grew up in ELA, wanted to be a deputy sheriff and eventually our Lord led him to his vocation. I am a Sergeant with the Sheriff’s Department and I worked for years patrolling East Los Angeles. The fact that I sensed a curiosity about Father Leonard only to find out some things in common gives me a sense of closeness. Coincidence……I think not. God is Great!

    1. Yes, Father Leonard had a strong calling to serve the Lord. Father Leonard used to be part of ministry that included feeding the homeless on Skid Row in Los Angeles. I pray that you enjoyed the story about him and that you will continue to read my Blog. God Bless You, and I will add you to my prayers. I thank you for your service.

  3. I miss father Leonard and Father Anthony and Father Miguel I watch daily mass on EWTN and they have not been in the rotation, where are they?

    1. Father Leonard is taking classes and working towards a master in communication. Father Miguel is assigned at the Shrine, and right now he is leading a pilgrimage in Italy. Father Anthony has been ill, but I not sure exactly what his illness is, but he requires a lot of rest, pray for him. God Bless you Mary Jane.

      1. If I may ask you, what was the local parish you attended in East Los Angeles? Also what high school did you attend?
        I grew up in ELA,attended St Alphonsus parish and graduated from Cantwell High school in Montebello.

        1. Hi Thomas, I am not from East Los Angeles. Currently I am a member of St. Norbert Parish in Orange, CA. I graduated from Colton High School in 1970, but I only lived in Colton for 4 years. Father Leonard, however, lived in East Los Angeles, graduated from Montebello High School and attended St. Benedict’s parish. God Bless!

  4. I was very sorry to hear that father Anthony is very ill
    I loved watching him do Mass on EWTN and I missed him for a long time but did not know he was ill I pray to God that he will be better soon he was a very active and a very happy priest may God keep him safe and watch over him I may he be better soon

    1. Fr. Anthony has neuropathy in his hands and feet. The medication used to control his condition often make him tired and fatigued. Please continue to pray his healing. God Bless You!

  5. Blessed Father Leonard, When you start Mass and you make the sign of the Cross especially when you place your hand on your lips. When you say the Homily you speak from your heart and your Blessings “God Bless You All “:: It brings beautiful memories of my Mom and Dad, who are both in Heaven, Blessings to you and all who surround you today, tomorrow, and always. M

  6. I love, love Fr Leonard homilies. He is so down to earth, uses word we can understand. That come from hes heart and soul. I love to watch him do the sign of the cross. Please pray for me, Fr Leonard. God bless you ALWAYS and FOREVER. In JESUS precious HOLY NAME I pray. AMEN n AMEN. THANK you JESUS

  7. I especially enjoy listening to Fathers homilies on EWTN. I sought out more information about Father on the internet to follow his journey to the Church. Very determined young man that one can look up to and respect. Has Father published any books that one can purchase? Also, I always enjoy watching Father leave Mass giving the security guard a salute (I always watch for the salute.) Father is one who gives respect and he will surely receive respect from the faithful. He is close to Christ.

  8. where is father leonard mary? I have not seen him serve the Olam daily mass for awhile. Is he ok??

  9. I always smile when Fr. Leonard comes down the aisle to celebrate Mass as I know we will be witnessing a beautiful Mass and hearing a wonderful homily. Lately he has been talking about todays happenings and what we should be aware of in the coming election. We need to hear this more often and I would like for other priest to do the same. I know the church cannot tell us who to vote for but there are ways to get around this which Fr. Leonard is doing. I’m afraid too many people are not considering the consequences of socialism, in fact, most have no idea what socialism is as it is not taught in schools anymore. Please relate to Fr. Leonard my thanks and appreciation.

    1. Thank you for your reply. Yes Fr. Leonard’s homilies are wonderful! We need to pray for the election and for Catholics to understand the seriousness of the coming election. God Bless you!

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