Kathmandu, Nepal

November 3, 2012

Our driver came to pick us up in a midsize van with seating for maybe eight persons, we are eleven. Through some miracle there was room for all of us plus Brian, our host pastor, Simon the interpreter, the driver and two of his friends (sixteen total). I wanted to turn around to see how we all fit but my arms were locked next to my roommate, we were the biggest can of sardines. Taking the window seat was both a blessing and curse; my arms were restricted like those of T-Rex and taking pictures not only with my iphone but with everyone else’s devices was a hazardous task.

The van that multiplied with extra seating
The van that multiplied with extra passengers

We made our way through the streets of Kathmandu, the dust was thick with the movement of every vehicles around us, it was a constance powdery cloud. The infrastructure was nonexistent, as you are driving and it appeared that all roads are one way until you encounter a bus filled with passages coming head on toward you; many times I wanted to scream but I just closed my eyes and said a prayer.  To add to this mayhem there are hundreds of thousand motor bikes everywhere you turn. There are few stop signs and fewer traffic signals but I did notice a police officer attempting to direct traffic; what a dangerous occupation I thought to myself.

Our job was to minister and after a ride across town we finally arrived at the first church. As we walked up the steps to the upper meeting room the smell of curry filled the air. We met with eager converts; some of them traveling for days on foot to make this assembly. For over four hours we praise the Lord and these beautiful people listened intently, taking notes and experiencing spiritual growth at different levels. Nepal is a country made up of  86% Hindu and the rest are Buddhist. Accepting Christ as your Savior comes with a price starting by being ostracized by your family. These precious gentle people formed a line for prayer and each one of them was encouraged to continue with their walk in believing God to supply their every need. Little did we know of the great 7.9 earthquake that struck  in April of 2015 that these teachings would be a small part of helping them endure all the hardships to come. My Nepali family still have so much more to recover but they remain steadfast in their love for Christ.

There were so many stray dogs and chickens and cows along the road. The cows are scared and are like demi gods, they have the run of the streets. Kathmandu has over 1,000,000 residence and is a bustling metropolis with merchants selling their goods on every inch of the street; bold colored thick heavy blankets everywhere., The ominous Himalayan mountains surround this valley and stand in awe for us American gawkers.

We return to the comforts of our hotel and eat in our room; a cup of soup, still adjusting to the native flavors.


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