The Last Days

Santa Ana Mountain Range, view from my walks 

Is the end near?

In the years that I was away from the covering of the Catholic Church, the core Protestant message was ”The End Is Near.” I believe this ideology is about to be resurrected because  in my 71 years I  have never witnessed so much evil.

Social Media

I am active on Social Media to promote this Blog, but this is a portal for evil to enter. Being of sound mind does not protect me from scrolling through all the evil misinformation. This fake news is purposefully meant to lure us in.  Before you realize it, you’ve entered into a dark abyss. This is a form of hardcore  manipulation.  My heart aches for those who do not have the discernment to filter out the lies.  How do people fall through these cracks of society? It is quite evident that many will listen to the voices ruled by fame.

Bad Influencers

These influencers are paving a clear path to hell. It’s a mesmerizing, spiritual battle that sucks you in. In addition, attached to this fame are evil spirits. Any form of fame is a powerful weapon, and the Enemy uses it to influence weak souls. Any music artist who opens the door to Satan is in for an eye-opening adventure. It does not matter how on top of the world you are, God can bring you down in a microsecond. The only reason He is not doing it now is because God is giving them an opportunity to repent.

Being Accountable

We are all accountable for our actions and God is watching and listening to all the evil. This evil is a silent pandemic that is not only spreading, it’s thriving.

The Mini Retreat 

This past Saturday I attended a retreat. Reluctantly I felt a tug in my heart to attend. I knew some of the people that were going to attend, but when I walked into the session, I wanted to leave. There were several persons there who made me feel uncomfortable. I had not talked to them in over a year. With these feelings came disdain. I listened and the message was about loving everyone. Within myself I knew that something was off. “Okay Lord, I love them but do I have to like them?”

I internalized this thought. For a minute I was fine with this warped decision. But the more I listened to the Word that was being shared, the more conviction came over me.

Making It Right

I was struggling with my thoughts of being fine with how I felt. As I was taking notes the Holy Spirit ordered me to get up and help the person who made me feel uncomfortable  by setting up for the lunch. I did not hesitate! It was as if the Holy Spirit took over my being. I knew that this person was uncomfortable with me as well. The secular cliche; “out of sight, out of mind” was conveniently working for me. If I truly felt that I had forgiven this person, why did I have these uncomfortable feelings?

The Lord revealed that forgiveness is not only a thought but an action. Forgiveness frees the person from bondage. Though I have fully given this to the Lord, only time will tell if  trust will once again be established. I thank God for this lesson because this will clearly allow me to move into another realm of my spiritual walk.

God’s Calling

We all have a calling, and I pray that mine remains on the right track and that God will continue to correct me every step of the way. We have a job to do; we need to form an army of warriors to fight the battle ahead of us. Bring out our shields of faith so that we can quench all the fiery darts of the Enemy. We can’t sit back and watch Satan take over the minds of  our children and grandchildren. Our faith needs to be protected.

We can not operate in fear. God did not ask us to be strong. He commanded it!

My grandson, Jacob, was recently promoted from 6th grade. He is an outstanding young boy with good manners. He’s kind, considerate and  received straight  A’s throughout the year. One of his teachers took a dislike to him and embarrassed him in front of all his classmates. She punished him by placing his desk in the center of the classroom, like an island  for all the other children to see. Jacob’s classmates referred to this as “Jacob’s island.” This teacher never contacted my daughter or son-in-law to inform them of her cruel decision or that Jacob had misbehaved.  My grandson was left on that island for over a month! My daughter found out through a friend of hers. After a meeting with the teacher and the principal, the teacher remained indifferent, as if she had done nothing wrong.  The teacher’s arrogant attitude caused the principal and another teacher to call my daughter and apologize for her bad behavior. I was very upset about the situation as well.
On the  day of the promotion, I patiently waited for the  mean teacher to have words with her. “Hi, are you Jacob’s teacher?” I asked. She answered, “Yes, yes I am.” Then I spoke my peace, “You were not nice to Jacob, and you need to know.” She looked at me and in a sarcastic voice said, “Okay.” I never raised my voice nor cursed at this horrible specimen of a human. I was indignant and addressed the manner in a calm tone and quietly walked away.  Another one of Jacob’s teachers standing next to the mean teacher was left with her mouth wide open.
Standing Up For Justice
A grandmother’s role is to pray, but I may take it to another level. When there is injustice or if  any of my family members are being mistreated, I am going to take it to the highest level in prayer. God will give me the direction or words that need to be spoken.  I will never operate in fear, so don’t cross my path because it’s always on the way to heaven.
Stand up against those who constantly attack  your beliefs. If it’s on Social Media, pray for God to judge them. Never engage in dialogue with the Enemy, because the Devil wants to shame you in a public forum. Pray and God will allow you to see His justice.
In closing I was thinking of all the cities in California that have saints’ names, then came another great revelation. Our state is surrounded by mountains with saints’ names as well. Santa Monica, San Bernardino, San Gabriel, Santa Susana, San Rafael, San Jacinto pray for us. The Victory belongs to the Lord!
My Prayer
Dear Lord, What a mess I would be without You in my life. Thank you, Gina and Linda, for all the hard work you put into making this retreat so successful. So many of us received a special blessing with this Spirit- filled message. May we always be yielded to Your voice. Amen.

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