The Vacation

Thank God our daughter Sonja did not get in the wrong gene pool line; unlike me, she is organized. We planned our vacation last year, but when I came down with COVID the trip was postponed twice. Sonja wanted to make sure that we were occupied the entire time. I had other ideas. I’m not a pool-or-beach type girl. Although we live 15 minutes from Newport Beach, you will rarely see me make an effort to go to the beach. I don’t particularly care for sand in my feet and, after my near-death experience in Cabo, I never go into the water.

We were staying at Waikiki Beach, and I loved walking on the sidewalk with the cool breeze brushing against my face. The spring sun was kind and welcoming, but you still needed to lather up with sunscreen. On the second day of the trip I walked nine-and-a-half miles. Most of these racked miles were because I got lost while I was trying to make my way to the Ala Moana Mall. I finally gave up and joined the rest of the family at poolside. Then out of nowhere, (after my pleading) Mike said he would go with me. This mall was overwhelming, way too big for my taste. This is why I prefer mid-size department stores.

Outward Beauty

Our adjoining rooms faced the lagoon, and we had a pretty good view of part of the beach as well. Directly under our hotel, The Hawaiian Hilton Village luau performed nightly. We could see the crowds of people lining up early to get good seats. That’s why we decided to arrive early for the luau at Disney’s Aulani the following day. The Aulani did not disappoint, and just like in true Disney form , it was beautiful. As we all walked all along several private lagoons, we noticed how serene and quiet it was. I thought that it would be wonderful for us to stay here the next time we visited. Then I remembered the ugly internal turmoil Disney is allowing. They’ve gone “woke” and many of the Disney employees are not keeping their anger to themselves. They want to overturn the Florida bill that was recently passed. This bill would prohibit classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity. This bill has caused an uproar with the LGBTQ community. Why do children need to learn about this in the first place? In this situation, it’s simply a systemic problem deep within the executives of Disney like LaToya Raveneau, who recently was quoted that her “not at all secret gay agenda is adding queerness to the Disney shows.” Disney was once known for its clean-cut image: its programming was a safe haven for children. Not any more! I will never frequent anything Disney again. Keep grooming the lawns, plant beautiful flowers, and trim the topiaries, but now Disney has opened the door to darkness.

10 “See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven always look upon the face of my heavenly Father.

I’m Not A Racist

“Gramma, you’re a racist!”  I heard this numerous times on this recent vacation. I do not take this statement lightly because that’s the last thing I am. I found myself explaining and defending my positions on several “hot button” issues. Defending my beliefs on positions that are true as opposed to what is being forced upon us as “truth” are two different matters. The desensitizing of young minds is the beginning of indoctrination. After the entire Critical Race Theory is radically shoved down the throats of the innocent, it’s washed down with a gay agenda. Together these two groups make a perfect potion to poison and distort who we are and what we represent as a human race. Am I racist for taking a stand for what I believe is right in the eyes of God? So be it!


As Christians we are called to love the sinner and hate the sin. But at what point did sin become acceptable?  The more we allow our children to hear the constant chatter about how racist the world is, the more our children are going to believe it. This is why the fight for our children has to start in kindergarten. The Left must start early in order for their plan to take hold. Many parents do not take the time to read or understand the severity of this indoctrination. I read one of the books that is being introduced to first graders. This book is about the different pronouns that children should be using. I was so confused with the diction and the characters calling themselves they/them or the explanation that when they wake up they can choose their own pronouns. How can this be acceptable? I can’t sit back and allow this to take place. It’s my godly duty to protect my grandchildren. I’ve boycotted many companies in my lifetime, because I will continue to take a stand against immoral, confused teaching that endangers the future of our children.


The bird sanctuary

Family Time

Our trip was filled with precious memories. Both of the boys turned into animal protectors reminiscent of  St. Francis of Assisi. The last couple of  days they shared their Gold Fish Crackers with a variety of birds. There were so many pigeons that we named them: Snowball was homely; La Quanda was the friendliest; Eguardo was shy, and Hercules, was so huge and dominated all the other birds.  Ne Ne was a sweet sparrow that held her own. The boys created a birds sanctuary, but it was so entertaining to watch them feed these native Hawaiian species.

My Prayer

Lord, thank You for allowing us to vacation as a family together. The bond we created is because of You. You hold us together, and we know that we can trust You to guide us. I continue to pray for all families, especially those who are still battling cancer, as well as  those that You have called home. Heavenly Father, continue to protect Your family in Ukraine. Please put an end to this war. Amen.




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