The Wedding Countdown

The beautiful, canvas, useless wedding chart

It started on Monday with a phone call from the cantor. He could not keep the commitment to sing at the wedding. I reminded him, “But we planned this three months ago, and you agreed.” When he attempted to explain the reason, it didn’t matter because he was not available, I had to move into “Plan B” and within five minutes the problem was solved. The last three months have been dedicated to prayer for our wedding. It’s not the only prayer, nevertheless it is a priority this week.

The COVID Wedding

Who plans a wedding in the midst of a pandemic? We did. On Tuesday our grandson Lucas came home from school and went straight to bed, complaining about a severe headache. He did not surface until 6:00 p.m. The following morning our daughter Sonja called to tell me that Russ gave Lucas a COVID test, and that he was positive. My heart sank. I went into prayer mode and begged God to help us. Mike came into the kitchen and asked, “Can we talk?” Again my heart sank. He cut right to the chase,  “This is really bad, we need to postpone the wedding. My reply, “Can we please give it a few more days? Please?” Mike walked out without saying a word, which I interpreted to mean “the wedding is on!” Everyone was agitated with me. Sonja was upset with me because I said, “Well, it’s only Tuesday, he’ll have time to recover before the wedding.” I did not mean to come off as insensitive  but Lucas is part of the wedding party.

I did a further investigation about the COVID home testing kit. Sonja said that when Russ, (her husband) opened the kit the cotton swab flew across the room and landed on the floor. Russ decided to use a regular Q-tip to administer the test. So the entire time I was suspicious about Lucas’ positive results. They decided to keep both boys from school because the entire world is going Pentecostal if they hear that someone is infected.  Sonja took Lucas to get a PCR test; this test is almost 100 percent  accurate. No one knows how to prepare for a pandemic, and it’s crystal clear that we are all in the dark about this mysterious virus. Lucas’ real test results were not going to be available for a few days. Finally, on Friday, he tested negative; he had the flu.

On Wednesday my sister Norma came down with COVID symptoms. Norma and I are very close so her absence from my wedding would be devastating. Norma’s daughter and granddaughter are now sick. My brother George tested positive despite being fully vaccinated and boostered. I’m praying for them to have a full recovery.


When I found out that all of  my sister’s family members  were sick and my brother tested positive, I had to go to Adoration. I drove to St. Martin De Porres Church in Yorba Linda, where they have perpetual adoration. There I poured out my heart for all the needs of others. I am praying for four women who are suffering with cancer and who need a miracle, I’m praying for someone who needs weekly dialysis, I’m  praying for all those who are suffering with COVID and for those who are suffering from emotional distress. I ended my prayer by reciting the rosary.

Do Not Fear

With all these obstacles, I never feared because I trust in God. I was stressed out but quickly came to my senses. Mike and I are one, but with the Sacrament of Marriage we will be fully bonded in Christ. I thank God for bringing us together. Mike is a gift to our family, and the love that we share for one another will continue to grow as we get older. The most important part of our wedding will be the Mass. Through prayer the Lord brings me back to the full circle of priorities; besides there are so many other matters that are much more critical than our wedding.

Jesus and his disciples were also invited to the wedding. When the wine ran short, the mother of Jesus said to him, “They have no wine.” [And] Jesus said to her, “Woman, how does your concern affect me? My hour has not yet come.” His mother said to the servers, “Do whatever he tells you.”

The Wedding in Cana

When Jesus performed his first miracle by turning water into wine, it was through the urging of His Mother. The Church in Cana is beautiful. This small village is mostly Muslim, so they do not share the reverence we do, but whenever I visit, I pray for marriages, especially mine. We Catholics are misunderstood when it comes to the Mother of Christ. We ask for her intercession and for her to invoke her Son to help us in our needs. In her words: “Do whatever he tells you.” This is an indication that Jesus responds to her request. So I’m asking Mother Mary to help me remain focused and for all details to work out for the glory of her Son Jesus.


Table numbers are a thumbs up!

The Seating Chart

My dear friend Jane came over a couple of weeks ago to work on the seating chart. We were so prepared with making sure all the guests were accounted for, and we did our best by seating them where they would feel comfortable. Then slowly the regrets came in. Before the beautiful chart was delivered, there were ten revisions. The only thing that did not change were the table numbers; they look great. Our godson, Marcus, is making us seating cards to avoid the confusion of the custom chart.

The Bride

I’m almost 70-years-old and my hair always needs to be colored. For some reason my husband likes my hair long and insists that I keep it at this length. I had it professionally colored by my friend Sarah, but she suggested that I have my eyelashes professionally done. At first I thought it was a ridiculous idea, but since it’s been years since using mascara, my eyes did needed  a little enhancing. When the lash tech was finished, I looked in the mirror all I could think of was those cows with really long eyelashes, and thought, “Dear Lord, do I look like that?” When I got home I hid from Mike for a few minutes but then we had to attend our grandson’s basketball game, Mike liked the change. When we got to the game, I tried not to have eye contact with Jenny (our daughter-in-law) but that was never going to happen, Jenny is always up in my business. “Oh my God! did you get eyelashes?” She asked. Now I have to go through the scrutiny from our daughter Sonja. Thank the good Lord that’s she’s out of town.

My Prayer

Dear Lord, I cannot do anything without You in my life. I pray for all those suffering from physical pain. Lord, receive their pain as an offering for healing; let their prayers reach Your Holy throne. Lord, we look to You for everything, and trust that You will manifest in our lives and continue to guide our every path. Amen.


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