A Cloud of Hope

The mountain flies are bigger and more aggressive here. I had recently watched a video on how to trap and kill flies on Tik Tok. Mikos challenged me, “I bet I can kill more flies with the flyswatter than with your silly concoction.” He was right; the following day I discovered that it only caught a few gnats.
Our little staycation was definitely a bonding experience. Mike cooked and we ate all our home cooked-meals together. I made sandwiches for the boat ride, but there was one glitch. I forgot to put cheese in Lucas’ ham sandwich; he did not recover well from that incident. One other minor mishap: we only packed three bottles of water, and before the engine started we drank two bottles. When we had finished using the pontoon, we filled it with gas. Jenny, along with Will, Lucas, and Jacob, decided to disembark and wait for us. Both Maddie and I proved to be no use when parking  the boat. Mikos told us to either laugh and sit there or help; we chose the former. Both Sonja and Mikos teamed up to help in the effort; honestly I have not seen this type of camaraderie between them since they were toddlers. Russ did a great job and Mike, as always, was our great support. Lastly, thank you, Larry and Helen, for allowing us to stay in your beautiful mountain retreat.
My Prayer
Dear Lord, I thank you for the time we had together as a family. I pray that You would always keep us as a strong family unit. Lord, equip us to climb that spiritual mountain and, just as You met Moses and Elijah, meet us there to commission us to do Your holy work. Amen.

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