A Lesson On Lent

After serving communion, I wanted to secure a good spot for confession.

It was not surprising that the line for confession was really long. I counted five people ahead me and prayed that the Lord would remove any thoughts of impatience. Then It happened, “If every person takes five minutes to confess their sins, it’s going to take 25 minutes. Surely the sweet couple with a sleeping baby in the stroller could not have that many sins. Then the most selfish idea came into my crazed thoughts: I’m only going to take a minute, could I go before you?” After that last horrible thought, I pulled out my rosary and started to pray. As I eased into the prayers, all those thoughts were subsided.

My Confession

Before confessing our sins, we Catholics say a prayer which starts like this: “Bless me Father for I have sinned. My last confession was…(stating how long it has been since your last confession).”  But when I was in the confessional I said, “My last confession was two days ago.” The priest replied “Oh two days?” I normally can go five weeks before confessing. But it was Lent and something that I had said about another person was weighing heavily on my heart. I want to have a great Lent, so confessing this transgression freed me of guilt.

Hallow App

I also downloaded the Hallow App on my phone. I joined the challenge, and what a difference it has made in my Lenten journey! Listening to Mark Wahlberg, Jonathan Roumie and Father Mike’s teachings are so beneficial during this holy season.


Mike, Jacob, me and Will
Jacob, me and Will

Two Lent Birthdays 

Our grandson Will and our daughter Sonja both have birthdays during Lent. So on Ash Wednesday we had lunch with Will. He is the sweetest 17-year-old young man and what a joy it is spending  time  with  him.

Lucas, Jacob, Sonja, Mike, Russ and me
Mary, Robert, Sonja, Russ, Lucas, Mike, Jacob, me, George, and Gina

We took a short weekend trip to the desert to celebrate Sonja’s birthday. It was so relaxing. Spending this special time with Sonja, Russ and the boys was a special treat. To add to this special weekend, we met my brother George, his wife Mary, their grown children, Gina and Robert, for Sunday brunch.


My Synopsis On Lent 

The Number 40

Ash Wednesday is 40 days before the Resurrection of Christ; actually that is if you do not count Sundays in between the weeks of Lent. We are called to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday and on the Fridays during Lent. The number 40 represents trials, testing and preparing.

40 Days for Noah: Noah and his family endured 40 days of torrential rain in the ark during the flood; they survived because they put their trust in God.

40 Days for Moses: Moses fasted for 40 days twice on Mount Sinai. As Moses was getting instructions from God for the Israelites, they became impatient and had Aaron build a golden calf. Moses interceded  on behalf of his people by questioning God (Ex 32:11). He knew that among his people were those with little or no faith. The great prophet Moses also knew that he had to make atonement for his people. (Ex 32:30-32).

The Lord was with Moses during this time of trial, and he found favor with God.

Why Ashes?
The ashes that are placed on our foreheads in the sign of the Cross are from the burnt branches from last year’s Palm Sunday. Ashes represent a time of mourning and repentance; this representation is found in many of the Books of the Old Testament (Esther 4:1-3; Dan 9:3; Job 42:6).
In most parishes flowers are not permitted during Lent because it is a solemn time in remembrance of the suffering, death and Resurrection of Jesus. But on Easter Sunday there will be an explosion of flowers; the beautiful scent of the flowers will reach the doors of the entrance, shouting, “Hallelujah” with the greatest fragrance! He is Risen!
No Alleluias
Alleluia comes from the Hebrew word meaning “praise Yahweh.” This is a praise  song that is not used during Lent. As Catholics, we focus on the Kingdom coming, not on the Kingdom come. The readings during Lent spotlight the spiritual journey of the Old Testament Israel coming to Christ and the salvation of mankind.
40 Days of Lent
We all suffer the same sins as the Israelites; we lose faith and go our own direction. They went as far as building a false idol. We are different from them because they were in the presence of God and still did not obey. We as Christians strive to be in the presence of God by obeying His Word. The Israelites had the advantage because God was in their midst, but they lost their faith and placed their trust in man. With the God of thunder and lightning, they allowed fear to dictate their path. We must always trust God to make a way for us in every circumstance; as He was with Moses so is He with us. This Lent, make it a special one and set aside all your petty grievances and come clean before God.
My Prayer
Dear Lord, I pray for our country during this holy time of Lent. Our country is in a time of mourning with all the violence, and disrespect for life. Lord, have mercy on Your people. I, like Moses, intercede on behalf of all politicians, that they would seek and find You. Lord, remove all those in office who are against Your Kingdom. We pray for the release of all the hostages held in captivity by Hamas. Lord, take out Putin once and for all! Help the people of Ukraine and restore their faith. Dear Lord, shed your light on all who wage wars and bring peace to the nations. Amen.




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