Bible Symbols

We live in a tri-level home. The older we get the more challenging the stairway  has become. Aside from that, our grandson plays basketball for his high school. The bleachers at some older gyms are rickety, and in some schools there are no rails to aid in guiding your steps. Even with railing, I have to be very careful and sometimes need some assistance getting to my seat. It’s not that I’m out of shape; but fear has set in from climbing up the older bleachers and almost losing my footing.

The Bible mentions stairways many times as an allegory. Going up represents reaching a higher level of spirituality. When Jacob woke up from his dream, he realized that he had had a holy encounter with God. He took the stone that he used as a pillow and anointed it with oil. He named it Bethel, which means “the house of God.” The Lord reassured him in the dream that He would be with him and protect him wherever he would go. (Gen 28:10-17)

The Dove
By far the dove is the most frequently mentioned bird in the Bible. Compared to other birds, this unique fowl represents both weakness and peace.
Weakness because metaphorically speaking, a dove is prone to attacks from other prey,  and like, us we are weak without God’s protection.
Old Testament Doves
In the Old Testament  narrative of Noah, a dove was sent out and returned with an olive leaf in its beak. This was a sign of hope and peace for the future of mankind. Also in the Old Testament doves were given as an offering for the repentance of sin. (Lev 1:14)
New Testament Doves
In the New Testament the dove first appeared during the baptism of Jesus. When the dove came down from heaven it represented the Holy Spirit.
The baptism of Jesus initiated his ministry as the Messiah. So at the same time the dove symbolizes faith, rebirth, purity and the presence of the Holy Spirit.
Homing Doves
I have been to several funerals where doves are released at the gravesite. It is a beautiful send-off to see these glorious white doves fly high into the sky. It offers us all a sense of peace in knowing that our loved ones are part of this celebration of going home to be with their Creator.
My Poem
When I see the white dove in a clear blue sky.
It opens my eyes to glorify.
To know that hope is around and at a glance profound.
Fly high into the clouds, little bird.
Send the message of peace and hope.
Open the portals of heaven and give us a glimpse.
With a wink and a smile, we will wait for a while.

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