A Time To Be Born

If you are not making a difference in life, what are you doing? God has called me to write this Blog, He did not tell me that it would be of any great success, or that it would go viral, He gives me ideas and I obediently write away. Perhaps by reaching several people to tug at their hearts, to motivate them to seek what God has intended for your life, Am I making a difference? I pray so.

Outdoor Sunday Mass

We were all born for a certain time, you were chosen by God to witness life as it is now. And the direction you choose will make all the difference; you will either serve God or yourself.

Becoming a Lover of Self

When a individual reaches this level of self-love it comes with a hefty price. There is little room in your delusional, compart-mentalized heaven for others. Humility is a quality that will not fit your narrative. The Bible clearly states that men will become lovers of themselves. Once you reach this pentacle, and anyone or anything that gets in your way must bow down to you or be destroyed. Lover of themselves need be to fed a lot of affirmation to continue to rule their tiny mind kingdoms. Are these people gifted? Sometimes yes, but they are using their gifts perversely. I cannot stress enough that God has given special gifts for us all. The misguided believe that the gifts were created by their own means, because they have become their own deity. They have been persuaded that their gifts were earned through their own intellect. Their narcissistic beliefs can carry them to new levels of godship.  By using words like blessings and becoming involved with philanthropy, they hide their real character. They only have one thing in mind: to gain more recognition and to continue to climb up that unattainable mountains. They have no God, and they will never experience the joy of  purpose.

You must understand this, that in the last days distressing times will come. For people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, inhuman, implacable, slanderers, profligates, brutes, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to the outward form of godliness but denying its power. Avoid them!

The Real Mountain

We as Christians have our own peaks and valleys as we carry our proverbial crosses in life. Unlike the lovers of self, our mountain is always visible; we can and eventually attain our goals. Do you remember the story of Moses when he met God on Mt. Sinai? What were the Israelites doing at the bottom of the hill? Were they praying and waiting for Moses to come down from the mountain? No, they grew impatient and did the unthinkable, they built a false idol! We reach the mountain through meditation in prayer, we draw closer and closer the more we give up the things of the world. Our goal is not to reach the top of the mountain and beat our chest saying “I’m the king of the hill!” No! we are spiritually satisfied because we’ve broken through in perseverance and patience, in knowing that God was always at our side.

God did not put you on earth to protest, destroy private property or to block freeways. The way I see it, we have on our hands a generation of lost souls searching for their purpose in life. These people are filled with passion, that is mixed with pent up anger.

Unresolved anger festers in the spirit, it churns up old hurts from the past. It could be a bad relationship with your mother or father, or a trauma that continues to trigger an emotion. When you add unforgiveness to anger, you created a potion of hatred. This type of hatred will surface in a playback of your mind. You visualize the trauma, hearing every word of pain as if it were being done in person. These reminders are in your subconscious left in your memory bank to control your emotions. God created our subconscious but being delivered of our past hurts will free us from these strongholds. You can seek the advice of a godly therapist and/or pray that the Lord heal you. God wants us whole, and He has allowed us to experience pain so that we can help others get past their distress. If someone who has been in prison comes to me for help, I will do my best, but an ex-prisoner can better understand the person’s situation because they’ve experienced it and have the compassion to guide much better than I can. We have all witness the anger that surrounds us, we’ve become a divided nation, leaving the door wide open for the Devil to come and stake his claim. Satan is the master manipulator, distorting facts in order to cause mass confusion and polarization.

Daily Mass in Ramada


The side door to St. Norbert, so close and yet so far away


I really don’t  know who or what to believe in this COVID-19 situation. So many mixed messages has put me in the state of doubt. When I attend daily Mass, I sit outdoors, about 20 steps from the door of the church, why can’t I go and serve God inside the church? I obediently wear a mask whenever I’m in public, but when this all started no specialist were sure if it made a difference. I watched the news last night reporting on the unrest and protest in different parts of our country. Clearly there were hundreds of people, but the report casually mention that they were protesting. The news immediately switched to a beach scene, showing hundreds of beachgoers but this time it was about them spreading COVID-19.

This type of bias reporting is confusing because in both cases you are susceptible to catching COVID-19. God gave me a free will and a clear, reasoning mind to think independently; therefore I do not fall for every wind of doctrine and I certainly do not believe the lies that we are all being trained to follow. I’m not a rebel but I recognize a political con and the motives behind it.


My cat Prudie

54 Day Novena

On August 15th I joined a novena. The Latin meaning of novena is derived from the word “novem” or nine. A novena is typically a nine day prayer. This prayer comes from the Book of Acts, (Acts 1:12-13) before Jesus ascended into heaven He asked his Apostles to pray. For nine days they prayed in the Upper Room preparing for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The 54 day novena is not uncommon, I, along with millions of other Catholics are praying the same prayer. Lately I have been praying in my back yard early evening. My cat Prudie and I will walk around the back yard praying the Rosary. Durning this petition I am asking our Blessed Mother’s intersession on behalf our our nation. We are praying for peace in the up coming elections. We pray the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries of the Rosary.

My Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, just as the Apostles waited for the outpouring of Your Holy Spirit, we anxiously wait for You to answer all of our petitions. Lord, keep us safe and healthy during these calamitous times. Grant us peace in knowing that You are ever present. Amen.

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