Dear People

Yesterday, as I was working on a lighthearted story for next weeks Blog, the Lord gave me a poem.


Dear People

Dear people, you have transgressed

Dear people, all I want to do is bless

Dear people, you are a mess

Dear people, this is why I’m I giving you this test

How you pass for this life is your choice,

But will you now listen and hear My Voice?

Dear people, this is not a time for altercation

But rather a time to give in to my purgation

I’m shaking the ground, rearranging the landscape

You can’t go anywhere, there is no escape

Dear people, I leave you with one thing, your free will

Dear people, what will you decide?

I pleaded and I cried, but this time you must fix the great divide

Dear people, I created the universe

Dear people, My Word to you is be immersed.


© Lynda Ciriza


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