Saving All Babies

The two chicks
Ruth feeding her chicks

For the second time in my life I have had the blessing of watching a sweet hummingbird build a nest. This time is different because the nesting bird (I’ll call her Ruth) is directly outside our kitchen door. We recently had our kitchen painted, and I gave clear instruction to the painters not to disturb Ruth. The painters were most respectful of Ruth’s territory. We all are intrigued by this beautiful act of nature and understand that we must not only protect but respect Ruth’s journey.

We know that these tiny birds have a live span of only four years, so we do our part to protect their nests. Yet when it comes to other matters of life, like a baby in its mother’s womb, suddenly this becomes problematic. You see, in reality there is no difference and in both cases the babies need protection. I have long grown tired of the misconceptions and misrepresentation as to why people continue to support abortion on demand. I’m not going to use my Blog as a platform to try to change the minds of people who are ill-informed. I leave that up to their individual consciences. I will never judge the decision of any woman who chooses what she believes is right for her body. But the “my body, my choice” does not reflect reality. In natural law, Ruth hatches two jelly-bean sized eggs. From that point on, she has lovingly warmed her chicks until they hatched. If this tiny bird has the instinct to protect her eggs, it’s because she understood that by the time her babies hatched, she was there for them. She did not question whether she could provide for them; she knew all along what she learned from her mother: she, too, could become the protector of her chicks because it’s innate. I will use real facts in an attempt to dissuade your heart.

Information from Human Life International

“In the United States, six states surveyed the reasons women obtained abortions from 1996 to 2011.  They found that abortions done with the stated justification of saving the life or physical or mental health of the mother accounted for only about 2.3% (1 out of 43) of all abortions; abortions for rape and incest accounted for 0.13% (1 out of 769) of all abortions; and about 0.59% (1 out of 169) abortions are done for fetal birth defects (eugenics).

Overall, the hard cases combined account for about 3% (1 out of every 33) of all abortions done in the United States today.  This means that about 97% of all abortions are performed for social or economic reasons or to please people close to her such as parents, husband, or boyfriend.  These numbers represent the sum of surveys of 1.29 million aborting women done in Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Utah.”


“On May 11, 2022, Governor Gavin Newsom announced a $125 million dollar abortion industry funding proposal designed to expand abortion services and incentive abortion providers to move into California.  The Newsom Administration is seeking to capitalize on the Supreme Court’s anticipated overturn of Roe v. Wade.”  

So who exactly is going to foot the $125 million bill? We are! Because our governor is proposing that our state provide services for anyone out of state, citizen or illegal alien, to fly them out to California, provide accommodations, pay for their time off from work and babysitting if necessary. He might as well throw in a couple of tickets to Disneyland too!

Maybe I can’t tug at your heart about the sinful nature of abortions. But perhaps emptying your wallet will help you understand the deep-seated evil that this represents. Our state is in dire straits. How many more financial hits can we endure?

The Targeted Groups

The number one killer of Blacks is not diabetes, heart attacks, or homicide. It’s abortions!

Perceiving and Addressing the Pervasive Racial Disparity in Abortion

“Black women have been experiencing induced abortions at a rate nearly 4 times that of White women for at least 3 decades, and likely much longer. The impact in years of potential life lost, given abortion’s high incidence and racially skewed distribution, indicates that it is the most demographically consequential occurrence for the minority population. The science community has refused to engage on the subject and the popular media has essentially ignored it. In the current unfolding environment, there may be no better metric for the value of Black lives.”

“Yet, the evidence is clear that for many decades Black children in the United States have not had, and do not have today, an equal opportunity to survive until birth. The most recent CDC report on abortion in the United States indicates that, in 2016, the Non-Hispanic Black abortion rate (25.1 abortions per 1,000 women age 15-44) was 3.8 times the Non-Hispanic White rate of 6.6. One could reasonably hope, given the pattern of declining abortion rates for 3 decades, that the racial disparity in abortion also would be decreasing. However, between 2007-2016, the Black rate declined 29% and the White rate declined 33%-meaning that the racial disparity actually increased rather than decreased during that time period. It is also important to note that 5 states that did not report race-specific abortion data (or no data at all in the case of California) to the CDC (California, New York, Texas, Florida and Illinois) account for fully half of all U.S. abortions and a third of all Black women of child bearing age. Further, the CDC notes that non-reporting states have “populations of minority women so that the absence of their data reduces the representativeness of the CDC data.” This means that the existing CDC reports possibly underestimate the size of the racial disparity in abortion nationwide.” National Library of Medicine -National Center for Biotechnology Information


Do Black Lives Really Matter?

No, because Black women, along with other minorities, are targeted and groomed for abortions. If you noticed in the article above, the states mentioned have the highest minority populations. They do not want to be included in any statistical data because they are the machine driving this train wreck. In this case we can chalk one up for Planned Parenthood, California, New York, and Black Lives Matter as victorious at pulling the wool over the world’s eyes. But the battle has just begun and ALL truth will be revealed.

Catholics and Abortions

It’s not surprising that priests do not use the pulpit to preach against abortions. Sadly, according to a recent Pew Report, more than half of Catholics believe it’s a woman’s right to abort her child. So any argument contrary to this belief would offend half of the parishioners! It remains for people like us to understand the demographics and the truth about how blacks infants are being killed.

My Prayer

Dear Lord, You are the giver of all life. I ask that every evil schemes behind abortions be exposed. Lord, we are a broken nation that needs Your help and guidance to promote unity. May Your Holy Spirit fall upon our nation to make us one with You. Amen.




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