Fifty-Two Years of Marriage

You would think that after 52 years of marriage we have figured out our discrepancies; but we are both stick-to-our-guns personalities, so that will never happen. Nevertheless, our arguments are quick and easily resolved.

Arguing In Our Sleep

Believe it or not, these arguments are frequent because of Prudie, our cat who’s crying  for water three or four times in the middle of the night. I wake up from a deep sleep to lift up the old girl onto the counter so she can drink water. This could take as long as five minutes. I’ve reverted to being the mother of a newborn baby by tending to the needs of my cat. Most of the time I can fall back asleep, but sometimes it’s nearly impossible.

Friday Night

Prudie and St. Francis
The nightmare I created

Prudie woke us up five times and Mike was really upset after the third time. Mike loudly announced, “I can’t take this anymore! I’m sleeping in the guest room!” I answered, “No, you can’t because I was cleaning our drawers and everything is still on the bed.”  Mike grabbed his pillow, fluffed it a bit and said, “You need to take care of that cat!” “What do you think I’m doing? I’m the one who gets up and makes sure the cat is getting her water.” “You’ve spoiled that cat and now she runs our life!” So instead of sleep walking, we are sleep arguing.


I have mentioned in past Blogs about our 17-year-old cat Prudie. Our vet informed us that she is suffering from kidney failure. The vet also suggested that I bring Prudie in twice a week for saline infusions. It takes me over a half an hour to get her into the cat carrier, and the cost for infusions is $45 each. Even a trip to the vet is  a traumatic experience for this cat. So the next best thing was to purchase an electric water fountain. But Prudie was not buying it – she wants water from the faucet! If you are a cat owner, you know what a pain in the butt this is.

COVID  Purchasing

COVID changed our shopping habits, and I finally joined the online purchasing club. Even though I prefer the conventional method of shopping, I gave in to the masses. While the rest of the world is enjoying their online purchases, I end up returning almost everything.

On Saturday I received two packages. The purse pouches that I ordered for my new larger handbag were larger than the bag. I checked  the return policy, which stated that the merchandise had to be returned in the same package that it was delivered in.

Mike’s Cleaning Habits

Mike loves to clean up and throw things in the trash, so I distinctly remember telling  him not to throw away the boxes. There were two deliveries that same day, and both are going to be returned. After another sleepless night, I woke up and started calling for Mike. “Did you throw out the boxes from yesterday’s delivery?” “Yes, they’re in the trash, why?” “What do you mean why? I need to return the package in the same box!” I was heading out the back door half asleep when Mike stopped me. In a stern voice he said, “Really? Go back inside. I’ll get the box out of the trash.”  Poor Mike, I’d forgotten that I put this particular  box aside so that he would not think it was trash.


The Yeti

The Oversized Water Bottle

Our son Mikos gifted me a beautiful Yeti bottle. I love it and use it every day; however, that darn bottle does not fit into the cup holders of any of our cars. I force it into place, but every time I make a turn the heavy bottle hits me or the passenger. When Mike sees me coming with the bottle, he gets upset. First of all, he will never let me place it into the cup holder. He starts with, “Do you have to bring that big bottle, please grab a bottle of water instead.” “No, because I need to drink a lot of water, I’ll keep it by my feet.” I answer. That bottle, filled with iced water, becomes a weapon banging at my ankles; and it’s very noisy as it rolls around.

Arguing Over Street Vendors

First of all, I want to explain that I have made peace in my spirit about all street vendors. But before that it would really bother me that street vendors could sell tacos with meat. Why does it bother me so much? We owned a tortilla factory back in the day, and whenever the Food and Drug Administration would pay us a visit we were written up for trivial matters, like failing to empty a trash can, etc. But  are there regulations for street vendors? How does the FDA inspect these small entrepreneurs? How are they monitored?

Well, you guessed it.  Mike and I got into a huge argument over this. Mike started with “Did you forget where you came  from? They’re just trying to make a living.” Where I came from? The last time I checked, I was born in the United States of America!” I answered. “Don’t you remember all the hard times the FDA gave us for the smallest of infringements?” I added. Thank the good Lord, it was a short ride home. The argument quickly fizzled and we were fine.

How I Made Peace With the Street Vendors

I will purchase fruits and vegetables from a street vendor but never any meat because of sanitary reasons. I respect anyone who is trying to make a living,  especially in California, where it’s nearly impossible to get by.

The street vendors are hard-working and humble, in contrast to the shipload of homeless people who are either mental or drugged out of their minds. The vendors are making a meager living. God bless them for that.

Good Night and Good Morning

Both Mike and I know the dangers of letting the sun go down on our anger. We work very hard to resolve our differences before going to bed. It’s so important to start the day with peace in our hearts.

Dear Lord, I thank You for our wonderful, and at times flawed life. I would not have it any other way. You created us opposite to each other, and You always know what is right for us. I pray for all of our grandchildren, that they would meet the helpmates You have chosen for them and that they live long, happy lives. I pray that all married couples remain steadfast in their love for one another. Lord, protect all married couples, especially those who are contemplating a separation or divorce, I pray that God will heal their relationships. Amen.

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