God Bless America


Our country was founded on the love of God. The American Flag is our banner of unity, One Nation Under God. I will not be influenced by anyone or any mega corporation that choses to desecrate our Flag. I wrote this poem in honor of  our beautiful Flag:


Old Glory, you are a symbol of pride

We need not ignore your meaning or what you imply

I salute your banner waving high

Your colors and stars polish the blue sky

Who in this land cannot notice the freedom for which you stand

You’re an anthem of courage and are still in command

Liberty weeps at the thought of those who defy your side

She bows her head at the great divide

Your roots are deep and you honor those who strap on their boots

They fought for us to keep us sound and to them you are profound


© Lynda Ciriza

God Bless our beautiful imperfect country! Happy 4th of July!

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