Have Mercy On Us Oh Lord

My grandson Jacob praying at the half staff flag

Las Vegas, Nevada, goes by many names, and sadly today we can add the city with the largest mass murders in the United States. We are all asking why, myself included. Why these innocent lives were taken. The root of all evil is the separation from God.

Our world has become one with many open doors to sin. The posting of “Pray for Las Vegas,” and every other city effected by this evil are too frequent. One disaster after another and yet many have not put two and two together. We have become a nation ruled by individual persons who want what they believe to be right for them, and at all costs and we all will pay the price. Sin is sin; that will never change, and if you want to know what sin is go into the Word of God, and read for yourself.  Start with the sins that God hates the most, Proverbs 6:16-19.

  1. Haughty Eyes – Pride, looking down on others (Phil 2:3)
  2. Lying tongue – This is one of the most detestable to God (John 8:44)
  3. Hands that shed innocent blood – Cold blooded murder (Matthew 5:21)
  4. A Heart that devises wicked schemes – Terrorist
  5. Feet that are quick to rush to evil – Evil that displays no resistance
  6. False witnesses who lies –  Slanderers (Col 3:9-10)
  7. A man who stirs up dissension – Causing strife within your church family ( 1 John 2:9-11)

Every day I fall short, I am a sinner but I confess my sins daily and that makes all the difference.

Our legislators are mocking “changing” history to appease those not satisfied with truth, we are exposing our elementary students to things that only parents should explain. Changing the text books to make sin acceptable does not constitute truth. We are messing with the heads of our youth and allowing Satan to rule and to call us believers by names that are unmerited. I am not a hater, and one thing I do stand for is truth. Our country is in morally corrupt  and the more we allow this degradation of morality to take hold, the more violence we have.  We’ve opened the doors, and woe to us and to our poor grandchildren. The Lord is lifting His covering and allowing these violent acts to take place because we are a wounded society of relativism. Keep your mouth shut or else you are going to be labeled a hater! Yet on the other hand, there is a bulldozer movement working fast to get these laws into the books so that everyone will be “equal.” Equal? Is sin equal? No!  Write your laws, and put them in your books,  but God’s truth will always prevail and no one can alter His book, the Bible.

Pray, pray that the world sees what is happening all around us. Seek the truth while it may still be found. If you do not know how to pray, ask God to teach you. Start with the “Our Father.”  Teach your children to pray, especially your grand-babies. Claim Matthew 19:26 for our country “Jesus looked at them and said , With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

I do not care to know anything about this killer because like Isis, their leader is Satan. My heart is so broken for all these precious people who were out to have a good time but  instead they were mowed down by a monster who reprobate mind was ruled by Satan.

My Prayer:

Dear Lord, we are lost and need you more than ever. Holy Spirit of God rain down your blessings on our country. We are your servants and want to do what is right in your eyes. Help us to unite as one and allow us to come together as your children. We seek answers and have grown weary of the condition of our nation. We are still one nation under God, so move on the minds of those that are confused and bring them to the foot of your Cross. As we look to you, our heavenly Father to comfort those who lost their loved ones and to those that are still fighting for their lives, heal them Lord through your divine mercy. Jesus grant us the desire to do you will in our lives. Amen!

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