The Evacuation

View from William’s school
Directly across the street from Sonja and Russ’s house, Peter’s Canyon

“We make our plans, but God has the last word.” Proverbs 16:1

The winds started kicking up, knocking over several planters in the patio. When Mike opened the door to the backyard a strong scent of smoke filled the room. We both ran to the front of the house and from a distance, we noticed that the smoke was coming from where Mikos and Jenny live. Within a few minutes Jenny called, saying that she was picking William up from school early, and from there she was going to pick up her pets. Then she would swing by to pick up Maddie and then head to our house. I thought that I would do the same thing and pick up Sonja’s boys early. We had to take the canyon road back and the traffic was backed up for about a half an hour with fire trucks, police and other emergency vehicles coming through.  We had to merge into into one lane to allow the emergency vehicles to pass us. We were also praying the entire time, the boy’s included the animals in their prayers.

In this part of  Orange County many people own horses, and those large animals had to be evacuated too. I had to allow for several horse trailers to pass through as well.

Both of our children,  Mikos and Sonja, live in harm’s way of the fire, and both families were evacuated. They live on opposite sides, of town about 12 miles from each other. The fire started near Mikos and Jenny’s and quickly spread across to Sonja and Russ’s neighborhood. Sonja and Russ live directionally  across from Peter’s Canyon, a popular walking trail that is also a wildlife reserve. Peter’s Canyon Regional Park was completely destroyed, but all the homes in the area were spared. It is as if Peter’s Canyon was sacrificed to save the homes. Peter’s Canyon contains 350 acres, of which 55 acres are set aside for residential homes. Peter’s Canyon includes wildlife like mule deer, bobcats, opossums, and raccoons. This is the playground for my grandsons, who have caught many gross lizards while hiking.

Guest cats
The sleepover
Pancakes for breakfast
Maddie and Rosie

All nine of us, including two dogs and five cats stayed in our three-bedroom home. Our son Mikos was in Las Vegas on a business trip. Mike has a hard time with our two cats, but he had been gracious with the guest cats until he came into the kitchen this morning and busted me giving our cat water on the kitchen counter. Words could not express his discontent.

The animals all misbehaved last night and the dogs barked, especially Paco, which is no surprise, as he barks at the wind.

As of 8 A.M. the fire has been contained only 5% and the evacuation orders have not been lifted. Both of the kids’ schools are closed as well. So the a  takeover of my house is under way, with all rooms being a mess, but everyone is safe and their homes have been spared. We praise God for that.

We thank God for the work of the brave firemen and women and continue to lift them up in prayer.


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