Home or Rome

Joanne celebrated her 82nd birthday praying for people in Bosnia.  Kristofori was only expecting 300 but there were more than 600 at the seminar; not a single person was denied prayer. 

Danijel, me and Marko

We go our separate ways today, the rest of the team to Rome  for the canonization of Mother Teresa.  Jane, Liggett and I are heading home. Both Danijel and Marko drove us to Dubrovnik to catch our connecting flight home; the two and a half hour drive through a mountain road at 2:30 AM required a lot of conversation to keep Danijel awake, Marko slept most of the way so poor Danijel had to endure all my cat stories.

We will miss the company of these two, they were instrumental in coordinating all these events, drove us, translated for us and shared the love of Christ; the fire they have for God is  unquenchable.

California and Croatia Teams

Our teams were in unity, after long services, sleepless nights,  swollen feet, together with Kristofori we moved a few mountains.

Hotel curifix

In the main conference room of Hotel Mogorjelo is a crucifix for all to view.

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