In The Spirit Of Christmas

Every room of our home is filled with the spirit of Christmas. Being married for almost 51 years does not help the fact that each year I add a little something new. We know that the atmosphere changes for the better during the Christmas season. We realize there is a difference in the attitudes of the hearts of people; there is joy and even if you do not understand the purpose of the celebration, you participate.

The Birth of Jesus

We celebrate the most wonderful gift of all: the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. While the retailers are hustling to get our business, and attempting to secularize this big day, the spirit of Jesus abounds. I get sucked into all the hype too; then I calmly float back down to earth, realizing that the joy of Christmas is about the greatest event in history. Spreading good cheer comes naturally. This day is the mother of all celebrations. The bells will ring around the world, and everyone, everywhere, will be affected in some way. Unless you live in Antarctica, you will know that it’s Christmas!

The leading characters of this beautiful event start with our Blessed Mother, The Virgin Mary, Joseph, to whom she is engaged, and the Archangel Gabriel. As the true story of our Savior unfolds, we find Mary in a perplexing predicament. The angel Gabriel appears to her in person to inform her that she would soon be with child. Mary experienced this visitation in person.

Mary had found favor with God and though she thought this news was greatly troubling because she was single, and unmarried, she yielded her heart to the Spirit of God. It was only after the Holy Spirit fell upon her that she surrendered all to Her great calling. Now it was time to convince Joseph.
Joseph, who had a more quiet yet profound role,  was visited by the Archangel Gabriel in a dream. I often wondered why the Archangel Gabriel did not appear to him in person. I believe it was because he was a devout, righteous man who followed the laws of the Torah and would do what was right before God. Joseph was not a wealthy man, but came from the lineage of King David. Mary’s kin were also descended from King David. Our Messiah, King Jesus shared the same bloodline.
According to Jewish custom, betrothal is the first part of the marriage where the bridegroom makes an agreement that was binding but they were not yet living together.  This is why Joseph considered  getting a divorce.
We all have dreams, but the dream that Joseph received was prophetic. When he woke up, he realized that it was a divine encounter. Dreams are still an important manner in which God conveys messages. Some dreams are warning dreams;  Joseph received a warning dream after the birth of Jesus. He was told to take Mary and the baby Jesus and flee to Egypt (Mt 2:13). 
The Lord gave me this poem. I pray you enjoy it.
The Unwelcome Baby
In My Mother’s womb I knew all along,
That it was to the world that I belong.
I kicked and I stretched until it was time for my birth.
Soon the world would know the true meaning of My worth.
But it was not to be,
Not then, and still not now.
Who do you worship,
And to whom do you bow?
I ask this of many, but few will comply.
They tell Me to wait, and I ask why?
It started with Me, and it continues today.
Will you open your hearts and allow Me to stay?
© Lynda Ciriza
My Prayer
Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for all those who are estranged from their family members; grant them the spirit of forgiveness. Lord, I pray for all the lonely and broken-hearted; take them in Your loving arms and offer them hope. Lord, I pray for all who are suffering from illnesses or hospitalized with a grave disease. Please grant them a miracle. Lord, I pray for all prisoners; may they cry out to You and seek Your Holy Face. Lord, I pray for those who are homeless; provide shelter and help for their mental health. Lord, I pray for those who are suffering from addiction. Give them a way out and heal all their emotional pain. Lord, I pray for all who are contemplating suicide; appear to them in dreams and visions to bring peace to their minds. Lord, I pray for those who are persecuted for Your Name’s sake. Fill their hearts with joy to continue their journey to You. Lord, I pray for Ukraine and all those who suffer because of war. Lord, place Your Holy Hand of conviction upon Putin’s hardened heart. Lord, please hear my prayers. Amen.


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