Interpreting A Warning Dream

The Dream

This past Sunday morning I was awakened by this incredible dream. I quickly looked at my phone to check the time, it was 3:26 a.m. I knew I had to journal the dream, but I needed a pen and my purse was upstairs. This dream was too long for me to remember all the important details. I did not want to disturb anyone, so I got up and journaled the dream on the notes in my iPhone.

In this dream I was in a large airplane. I remember that my mother was one of the passengers; my friend Jane and a few others were on the plane as well. Sitting directly behind the pilot was a young child whose mother was Asian. The strange thing about this was I knew that there was a close relationship between them.  It seemed to me that the pilot was the father of the child. The plane was pretty empty, and as we were flying we hit a horrific rainstorm; it was unbelievably scary. The plane was equipped with a sunroof, which intensified the severity of the storm. As I looked up to the sunroof of the plane, all I could see was sheets of water pelting the plane. Suddenly the pilot was descending to a lower altitude to avoid the storm. I was concerned with how low he was flying the plane, when I noticed that it was about to taxi on to a country road. I still did not understand what was going on. As I watched the plane it was now taxiing on to a city street. The pilot opened the doors and told us to get out so that we could use the restroom in a department store. As I was exiting the plane, I asked the pilot, “What city are we in?” He answered, “Canton, Ohio.” This department store was really old and took up an entire city block. I got off the plane to make my way to the restroom, when I heard Jane call my name. She was on the floor above me in line for the restroom. I told her to wait for me because I did not want to get lost.  I picked up a loaf of bread and went to purchase it, but I needed to borrow money from Jane. I accidentally dropped the bread on the old wooden floor of the store. The bread became soiled, so I gave it to a box-boy. I got distracted and found a needle and thread to sew a tear in my pants. The pants are orange-reddish but I used navy blue thread. The line to the restroom is so long. I continued to sew the pants when I discovered that I’m doing it wrong. I started all over again, and by this time I’m lost and ended up in the laundry section of the store where people were washing their white garments. In a panic I ran back to the restroom and found that the line was much shorter. When I finished, I quickly washed my hands and headed out to the plane. When I reached the door, the plane was nowhere to be found. I was so scared and asked a stranger, “Do you know where the plane is?” He pointed and said, “It’s on 28th Street.” I ran as fast as I could to find the plane, and as I got to my seat I needed my mother to move so that I could get on the plane. The dream ended.

The Interpretation: 

Believe it or not, this was a warning dream for me.

Pilot – God

Child and Mother – Jesus and Mary

Plane – Missionary work

Sunroof – To allow the sun in, to shed light; to allow the Gospel or Evangelization

Rainstorm – Trials

Canton – A city in Ohio named after a city in China, which is now the port city of Guangzhou

Restroom – Cleansing

Tear in my orange-reddish pants – Holes in clothes that are worn out, new covering coming

Navy Blue Thread on orange-reddish pants  – Simple repair when done right , but I was not using the right color thread

Jane – Holy woman of God

My Mother –  An intercessor

Bread- The Word of God

Laundry room – Cleaning holy white garments

28th Street – 2+8= 10; Ten represents order, restoration, The 10 commandments

I did not share this dream with anyone in my family because I did not understand it at the time. I  praise God that I did take the time to journal the dream, because I feel that God is warning me. God is my pilot in all that I do, and He is allowing me to clean up my prayer life, ministry, etc. I am going to go through trials, but I will see them coming (sunroof), and I will know how to pray beforehand. Canton is a Chinese word, and God is calling me to pray for the Chinese Christians who are being persecuted (the mother of the child was Asian). The bread represents the Word of God. Recently I was ministering to several Protestants, but came across as arrogant by stating that the part of the Catholic Bible that I was sharing was omitted by Martin Luther. Even though I was kidding, these were hurtful words. God wanted to correct my behavior so that I would always be a loving witness to His Word. In the dream I carelessly dropped the bread and it became soiled. Though I was teaching, I was not a loving witness.


Jenny, Wil,  Mikos, and Melon
Annual family puzzle

My Prayer

Lord, I thank You for allowing us to spend time with Mikos, Jenny, Maddie and Wil. They are growing up so fast, and this time spent together is precious for Mike and me.

We continue to lift up Ukraine and all the devastation that they are experiencing. I cannot imagine my family being forcibly torn apart like they are. I pray that this will be a short war, and that Your mighty hand will intervene on behalf of all Ukrainians.



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