Praying for Peace

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine

Social media is inundated with “Pray for Ukraine” as if it were just a popular trend. But this war is real, and it is a war of good versus evil. Russia is an atheistic nation because it is ruled by an atheist. Ukraine, on the other hand, is 85% Christian. The majority of the Christians in Ukraine are Eastern Orthodox. In 1054 The Great Schism separated  the Western Church from the Eastern Church. The Eastern Orthodox separation was due to both political and religious reasons.

Turkish guards leading the precession of the Latin Patriarch
Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Eastern Orthodox Greek Patriarchs

I always remember when visiting the Holy Land, and especially the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, how diverse religious groups are in control of different sections of the church. We always visited during Holy Week when the promp and circumstance is at its highest. When the Turkish guards lead the way for the procession of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, they  make an entrance that commands attention. The sound of the pounding staffs shakes the earth around you, and the pageantry from all the commotion is beautiful to experience. The Franciscans follow in their plain brown habits, making a humble entrance through the doors of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. As of today the Western Church (Roman Catholic) and the Eastern Orthodox have yet to overcome their differences. I respect both, but remain in my Roman Catholic roots.

The Divide

Rachel Levine, first appointed transgender by the Biden administration

Our country is greatly divided. Our divide stems from a political stand off with each group digging in their heels on what they believe to be true. I am on the side of the Word of God and all that it represents. It’s no surprise to the rest of the world that we are perceived as fools. Our president has appointed Rachel Levine as Assistant Secretary of Health, but she is part of the division. In the United States, we expect these types of appointments, with the push to cover the U.S. with a cloud of dissension by accepting whatever the Left throws our way. The rest of the world is wondering why we have become so weak. We are the leaders of the Free World, but to the world, we seemed to have dropped our guard. The United States once stood for freedom and unity, but our petty civil war is causing world leaders to second guess our strengths. It is apparent that we need to pull up our bootstraps and take up our swords, for this spiritual battle is ongoing. What do I mean by this statement? Many Americans are not going to cave into the demands of our current government. We are a united front; Protestants, Catholics and Muslims alike are in one accord when It comes to our freedom. When I gave the example of Rachel Levine, it was to express the true fact that our president wanted to be the first to appoint a transgender and nothing more; it had nothing to do with her experience. Our country is compelled to accept these appointments, but the rest of the world is not desensitized to these forced ideologies.

Putin and Xi Jinping, China’s Head of State

With weakness comes the attacks, and Putin is no dummy, he sees all our internal conundrums and took advantage in attacking Ukraine. This new war is for Putin to annihilate all Christian beliefs. Putin may have all the power to take over this land, but it is God Who will see it through to the end. The people of Ukraine are fighting for their freedom and to protect their religious beliefs. God will be on their side.

We Pray

Prayer changes the path of the evildoers. As we see what is playing out before us with this unnecessary war, we can effectively change the direction of this war. God hears all of our prayers, and millions are praying for this war to cease.

We are targets for Putin as well. Russia has the capability to cyber attacks. This would be a great distraction for our country and  we need to be ready to defend ourselves. We get so many supplies from China, and China is aligned with Russia. Did you know that over 70% of active pharmaceutical ingredients used in the U.S. are produced overseas? China produces almost all the  ibuprofen sold in the U.S.  Most of our telecom equipment is made in China. China is capable of tainting our drugs, which could subliminally bring on sudden illnesses. Sound familiar?
My Prayer
Dear Lord, we stand in the gap of all those in Ukraine who are fighting for their freedom. Lord, You are the God of all and we trust that You will intervene on behalf of the Ukrainians. Help them through every physical battle, may their losses be few and may they have victory. Lord I am just one person, but I understand You have power over every situation in our lives. May we remain faithful in lifting up our brothers who are at war. Lord, move swiftly and change the course of the war. We know that this is a David and Goliath situation but nothing is impossible with You. Amen.


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