Love Is In the Air

Several years ago I wrote about my first heartbreak. It happened when I was in third grade and the boy who I loved was about to profess his true love for me or so I thought. I had a special Valentine card set aside for him; the words were simple, but the meaning for an eight-year-old was deep. My heart was ready for this next level of puppy love. When I look back to this chapter of my life, this little boy was nothing to write home about. Joe was a little on the portly side and his front teeth were piled on top of another. So, I can’t explain what really attracted me to him. I, on the other hand, was a sweet, shy little girl with huge brown eyes.

My First Valentine’s Day Memory 

This card exchange was about to reach a crescendo with my heart racing to open the card Joe had given me. My card for him read, “Will you be my Valentine?” but in my mind it read, “Will you one day marry me?” Joe was oblivious to my infatuation and his love for me was not reciprocated. I wanted to open Joe’s card privately so that I could take in the emotions slowly; I wanted this euphoria to last because I was high on love. When I opened his card it showed a cute kitten holding a heart that read “You are sweet.” Well that much was true, but I was still in shock about the rejection my heart felt that day . My best friend Anita, on the other hand, was gloating because in her tiny, baby-like hand was the card that really belonged to me. Joe gave Anita the “Will you be my Valentine” card! The bus ride home was the longest, most agonizing trip ever. I wanted to tell Anita to shut up and to quit smiling, I had no recourse at eight because my heart had no shield and it was broken. I never told a soul about this little trauma. What good would it do? Besides my best friend was the cause. Since this incident no one has ever broken my heart. I, on the other hand, have been the cause of a few broken hearts.

Marcus and his Nino Mike
Helen, Marcus and me
Me and Mike
Me, Gianna and Marcus

Side note: I recently looked up my old nemesis Anita on Facebook and stocked her for a few minutes; she is a retired nurse and still lives in the vicinity of our hometown Brawley. I looked up Joe as well but, due to his common last name, I lost interest after the first page of Joe’s.

The Engagement Party

On Saturday we attended our godson’s engagement party. When Larry and Helen asked us to be godparents at Marcus’ baptism, we were elated. Marcus is the youngest of their five children. We have been part of Marcus’ life from his birth, through every birthday party, high school graduation, college graduation and now we’re awaiting his wedding.

Gianna and Marcus

Marcus was the boy who had all the latest and greatest of toys. On his fourth birthday I decided to write a book about him. The title of the book was “The Boy Who Had Too Many Toys.” The book was a real-life situation because Marcus donated hundreds of his toys to children in Mexico. Though Marcus led a privileged life, he was always taught to remain spiritually humble. To us, he is a normal young man who impresses others because of his gentle spirit; this is something that he learned from his parents. Marcus’ family is the core of his being and this bond has kept him grounded to reality. For Marcus, family is first. Mike and I are not only his godparents, we are connected spiritually. Marcus knows that he can come to me for prayer, and he trusts that I will indeed intercede on his behalf.

Marcus and Gianna

In 2014 Marcus and Gianna met while they were still in high school. I have seen this relationship evolve and have grown to love Gianna. At first I thought it was a high school romance that would fade away, but I now understand that their union was God-ordained and has stood the test of time. We live in a time of chaos, where hook-ups are the norm. The youth of today go through so many partners, the they leave part of their souls with the last person they had an intimate relationship with. This is not the case with Marcus and Gianna, so to witness this type of relationship is refreshing.

Gianna won the hearts of Larry and Helen long ago. Gianna has the gift of servanthood and that encompasses love. Whatever this precious girl does, it’s as if she is doing it as unto the Lord. I saw a great growth in her last year as Helen was suffering through a horrible bout with COVID. Gianna, Marcus and Sarah (Helen’s daughter-in-law) were Helen’s saving grace.

Like Marcus, Gianna’s family plays a major role; her mother has done an excellent job of raising her. Gianna’s grandmother has been a great support in molding her into being the loving young lady she has become. Gianna has several of aunts and uncles who are always watching over her as well. She and Marcus will always be surrounded by family who will support them in great love.

As we were leaving the engagement party, Gianna sweetly announced that Mike and I were also her godparents. We can’t wait to celebrate their upcoming nuptials. It will be a blessed event.

The Real St. Valentine

St. Valentine of Rome is the patron saint of love, young people, and happy marriages.  St. Valentine was put in prison by the Emperor Claudius for marrying couples and professing his faith in Jesus. While he was in prison he healed a jailer’s daughter of blindness, and, on the day of his execution, he left the girl a card signed “Your Valentine.” This is the reason we exchange Valentine’s Day cards.

My Valentine roses

Anything having to do with love always stems to Christianity. We celebrate the Feast Day of St. Valentine on the 14th of February. My “Valentine” Mike  of 50 years has already filled our house with the scent of a dozen red roses.

My Prayer

Dear Lord, I pray for all marriages, that You would bless them with love. Jesus, help the youth of today to respect themselves and to remain pure. Teach them to love You first so that they, in turn, will grow to love themselves. Lord, bring the youth to serve You as never before. Amen.


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