Understanding Prophetic Dreams

My dream journals…I dream

The Lord speaks to us in many ways. He speaks to us through the Bible, through dreams and visions and, by bringing others into our life to help guide us. After much prayer the Lord opened the door for this Blog. I received a dream, a vivid dream about the Blog. The Lord told me to name it “My Catholic Roots Are Showing.” I also received instructions on the logo. When I woke up I journaled all the information with great excitement, but with a big concern. I prayed and and questioned God about the name, “How can I name it My Catholic Roots Are Showing when I have so many Protestant friends and my son is not serving You in the Catholic Church?” I waited for God to answer, but the name My Catholic Roots Are Showing kept coming back to me.

Many people are receiving dreams; some of them are prophetic. A prophetic dream is a confirmation of something that is about to happen, or it could be a warning for us to prepare spiritually in order to change the course of the prophecy. A good friend’s daughter was away at college, and her daughter had struggled with substance abuse. My friend always prayed for her wayward child. One day the Lord gave her a dream about her daughter blasting out of a deep pit. The young lady’s right hand was stretched out as she was surfacing from the pit. This dream reassured my friend that her prayers for her daughter had been answered.

Joel 3:1 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

The Day of the Lord

It shall come to pass
    I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
    your old men will dream dreams,
    your young men will see visions.

Warning Dreams

Years ago Mike and I were going to purchase a larger home. I found a home not far from ours, called the realtor, and had Mike go with me to see the home. It needed a lot of work, but I was fine with that because the yard was twice the size as that our current home. We made an offer and were ready to sign the paperwork, but the realtor had an emergency and could not meet with us. That night I had a dream that I was so sad that I had sold my house; I was crying in disbelief. The following day we set an appointment to sign the paperwork a second time, but Mike was delayed at work so we had to cancel the meeting again. On this night I had exactly the same dream as the night before, I could not stop crying and feeling remorseful about the sale of our home. When I woke, I told Mike that we could not purchase that home. This was a warning dream. We would later find out that the owner of the home committed suicide in the master bedroom.

Prophetic Dreams

I dream on a regular basis, so I keep a journal to record my dreams. This is a dream I had on January 16, 2007: Mike was driving me to the airport, We were going to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). But I told him that my flight was out of Orange County, so we started to head back. On the way there were all sorts of people dressed in loose clothing, walking on the freeway. They had taken over and did as they pleased, crossing in front of cars and causing accidents. There were groups of 5-6 people and were walking slowly. I told Mike to be careful and not to run over them. I noticed that other cars had already hit some of them because their bodies were still on the freeway.

On August 29, 2009, I had another prophetic dream: The United States was under attack. I saw ships being bombed. I was waiting for the Lord to speak through me in a prophetic word. I said “I…(and waited) then the words came. “I, the Lord thy God, will bring disaster to this country.” These were the words given to me in this dream. I came across these dreams while going through my dream journals.

Instructional Dreams

The Lord gives us instructions in dreams. When my husband Mike cannot figure out something having to do with work or with fixing something around the house, the Lord will give him a dream to instruct him on how to proceed with the task. Sometimes the Lord tells me how to conduct a Bible study or how to confront a difficult situation with a friend or family member.


Some dreams are direct and to the point, like when Mike is given instruction on how to repair things. Other dreams have hidden meanings. Colors and numbers are important in dreams because they represent hidden spiritual messages. Once I had a dream that as I was picking my luggage from the baggage carousel, I saw that my suitcase had been opened and all of my garments were spread on the carousel. I was so embarrassed as I ran to collect my clothing. All of my clothes were in shades of purple. The color purple represents royalty and kingship; it was also the color of the robe that was draped over Jesus on the Via Dolorosa. Even though my clothes were scattered everywhere and I was embarrassed, the dream meant that I had nothing to hide and all was exposed. You must be careful about interpreting your dreams because there are many charlatans who will lead you in the wrong direction. Seek God for the answers or go to someone who seeks the Lord for the correct interpretation.

Numbers are also important in dreams. In the dream I mentioned earlier I had two dreams warning us not to purchase the home. I did not pay any attention to the first dream, but the second dream was a confirmation that this purchase would have been a huge mistake.

In the dream about the people on the freeway, we have a representation of the modern-day protesters. The loose clothing means that they are comfortable. The numbers 5 and 6 equals 11. The number 11 represents disorder, a symbol of incompleteness, like filing Chapter Eleven for bankruptcy.

Acts 1:26 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

26 Then they gave lots to them, and the lot fell upon Matthias, and he was counted with the eleven apostles.

The Apostles were complete with 12 because this represented the 12 tribes of Israel. Eleven would never be considered complete.
Modern-Day Prophets
We need to pay attention to the times we live in. The Lord is speaking through His prophets. Dana Coverstone, a Protestant pastor from Kentucky, shares three powerful dreams about the End Times. You can find them on YouTube. Dr. Taylor Marshall also has really good information on The Three Days of Darkness, and Queen of Peace Media’s Mark Mallett and Daniel O’Connor  have many excellent YouTube podcasts about the End Times.  God is waiting for us to return to Him. I pray that we will be prepared for this spiritual war. God Bless!

Job 33:14-18 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

14 For God does speak, once,
    even twice, though you do not see it:
15 In a dream, in a vision of the night,
    when deep sleep falls upon mortals
    as they slumber in their beds.
16 It is then he opens their ears
    and with a warning, terrifies them,
17 By turning mortals from acting
    and keeping pride away from a man,
18 He holds his soul from the pit,
    his life from passing to the grave.



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Stop The Madness, and Teach Our Children Well

Saint Juan Junipero Serra toppled statue
Juan Junipero Serra’s statue before it was toppled

When you educate students it’s important to understand the truth and to teach history with the facts. A good teacher makes great leaders. I’ve had good teachers but I’ve also had teachers who put too much emphasis on their own opinions. History teachers have a huge responsibility to teach the truth. The problem with our current society is the fact that some teachers and leaders want the pain from the past to be erased. That’s an impossible task. The truth is that we were all created for great things. Some of will attain them because we’ve learned from our past mistakes. To some it comes naturally, but a few others get stuck in the past.  We are not only capable of learning from our past mistakes, but also learning a lesson from our forefathers. Many of our leaders failed to get that memo on love; they ran with the idea of “conquer and destroy.” If that is the truth, then let it be told. We are all teachers; a good teacher teaches with the heart to achieve clear learning. These life lessons must be instilled for the good of all. Nothing can be accomplished through violence. The louder the voice, the more deafening it is for others. You cannot force your thinking on others unless they are weak in spirit. When you put your trust in God, no man will be able to silence the truth. God is always in control, but if you believe for one minute that He is not, you will fall for any wind of doctrine.

Ephesians 4:14

14 We must no longer be children, tossed to and fro and blown about by every wind of doctrine, by people’s trickery, by their craftiness in deceitful scheming.

Indoctrination In Higher Learning

If your child got accepted into college, you have a lot more to worry about than frat parties and drugs. There is an evil spirit on most college campuses. These influences hover over the students; they are out to get the future generation by indoctrination. These kids, who were raised by normal, God-fearing parents, are robbed not only by the astronomical tuition, but by the ideological restrictions on the students way of thinking. The protesters from the 70’s have now infiltrated most colleges and are teaching them how to become Marxists.

Our country will remain one nation under God. Any groups or organizations that attempt to come against our God-given beliefs will be held accountable by God, not man. What the enemy is doing to us today is called anarchy. Those of us who do not agree to the demands of these anarchists, are made to appear as indifferent, or without love for our Black brothers and sisters. This is how Satan sets the stage: by pitting  Blacks against Whites. As Christians we stand together to defend the human race. God does not see color; neither should we. The division is inevitable because  the line has been drawn for us to take sides. The hearts of many have waxed cold because without a vision we perish. The vision needs to have a directive that will ultimately end racism, and it must  be done in a peaceful manner.

Proverbs 29:18 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

18 Without a vision the people lose restraint;
    but happy is the one who follows instruction.

Juan Junipero Serra

On July 1st we celebrated the feast day of  Saint Juan Junipero Serra.  So why were his statues violently removed? These displays of anger were brought on by inaccurate characterization in the history textbooks, written by people who knew nothing of this great saint’s history. Juan Junipero Serra was a missionary who established the first nine missions in California. He never came against the Native Americans; rather it was the Spanish soldiers who exploited them. Juan Junipero Serra was a holy man of God who went out of his way to protect the Native Americans. He made the long trip from Northern California to Mexico City to settle the differences between the Spanish commanders. This trip nearly cost him his life, but the outcome produced great fruit. “Regulation” was the first significant legislation in California to protect the Native Americans. This was a “Bill of Rights” written especially to protect the Native Americans and the missions. Please do not leave these critical facts out of your history lessons. The Franciscan friars were made legal guardians of the Native Americans to protect them. Junipero was a contemplative prayer warrior. His motto was: “Always look forward, never back.” It breaks the hearts of those of us who understand to what extent Juan Junipero Serra suffered to protect the lives of others to see his legacy and statue treated with such great disrespect. This leaves us no other choice but to fight for what we believe in and to protect the history of this great saint.

We’re All In This Together

How many times have you heard this? We can use this same phrase for the evil that lies ahead. History will repeat itself  and these reactions to diabolical events will attempt to tear our country apart. As His Mother cries out for peace, God will be watching our actions. We are in this together and the only way out is through prayer. Our country is now soliciting prayer warriors.

We need strong-minded individuals who willing to fight the wiles of the Evil One. This army is taking applications from any age, any race; disabled, wounded veterans are welcomed. We need all the elderly, all the youth, to come to the high office of God.  Get your weapons: the sword of the Spirit in one hand and the Bible in the other. All sinners are welcomed! Basic training is now taking place, and  it’s never too late to join.

We have hard times ahead of us because this is an election year. You’ll need more than food and toilet paper to get through this one. People are arming themselves with an arsenal of weapons (real guns). Yes, prepare yourselves but ,most importantly, get right with God. Get on the team that will protect your salvation.

Matthew 12:25-26 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

25 But he knew what they were thinking and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be laid waste, and no town or house divided against itself will stand. 26 And if Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself; how, then, will his kingdom stand?

We cannot see the coronavirus but we are all aware that it’s still with us. We can see the evil that has spread throughout the world, and though we don’t know the hour or day of the End Times, the evidence is before our eyes. This evil is designed to destroy everything that represents Christianity. And this is just the beginning. Get ready for spiritual warfare!

My Prayer

Dear Lord, only you can repair our nation. We cry out to you, to touch those with hardened hearts and lead them to You. We pray for the gift of discernment to allow us to recognize and defend truth. Give us special graces to walk in boldness without fear of retaliation. Remove the mountains of hate and replace them with Your solid foundation of love. Amen.




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Good Night, Sweet Boy


We met him at the ripe age of two. Aaron was a precocious kid who would break away and run from you. He was our dear friends Anthony and Lorrie’s oldest son. As parents they sought out the best for their sons. Aaron attended St. John Neuman Catholic School and then transferred to St. Mary’s Catholic High School in Colorado Springs. The commute from Pueblo to Colorado Springs is 45 minutes; this was a sacrifice his parents made for him.  That’s what we parents do; we provide and we keep trying to guide our children in the right direction. Through the years Aaron grew to become a charming young man. He never outgrew that sweetness of an innocent child; it was part of his nature. I have always felt his heart was special because he could laugh at anything or turn bad situations into something positive. He was exposed to the finer things in life but never sought after them. The only thing that brought him joy was to be surrounded by people he loved.


Aaron and Hur holding up Moses’ arms, artwork by Jason Flores

His Name

His parents, Lorrie and Anthony named him Aaron because they loved the name, but God had a big part in naming him too. Aaron is a strong Biblical name; he was the older brother of Moses. All Jewish high priests come from the bloodline of Aaron. His name means “high mountain, exalted.” When Moses could not speak, God put the words in Aaron’s mouth. When Moses could no longer hold up his hands, Aaron came alongside him and held them up for his brother. This is how Aaron was to his family and friends; he was their support through any trial.

Exodus 17:12 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

12 Moses’ hands, however, grew tired; so they took a rock and put it under him and he sat on it. Meanwhile Aaron and Hur supported his hands, one on one side and one on the other, so that his hands remained steady until sunset.

Anthony, Aaron, Lorrie and Marcus

Aaron was true to his name; he was highly exalted. Aaron was the first-born son, and the Bible speaks of this as being a blessing. From his birth he was a blessing to his family. He was consecrated to the Lord on the day of his baptism.

Luke 2:23 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

23 just as it is written in the law of the Lord, “Every male that opens the womb shall be consecrated to the Lord,”

Long Suffering

According to the coroner’s report Aaron’s cause of death was a ruptured lower intestine. This type of illness does not come on suddenly; it takes years for this condition to become life-threatening. Aaron never once complained about his condition. His suffering was discreet because he did not want anyone to worry about him. Though he lived with his father and brother, neither of them had any idea about his illness. Both Anthony and Marcus were with Aaron when the Lord took him home. This, too, was part of God’s plan.

Why He Died

Only God can answer this looming question. When someone is taken from us unexpectedly, God wants to get our attention. If the average life expectancy of a man in the United States is 76 years, Aaron lived only half of his life, but his life had a purpose, and his death has meaning. In Aaron’s 38 short years he made a difference. Aaron will be used by God in his passing because it is part of the Lord’s plan. It’s a wake-up call to help us understand the fragility of life. We are to cherish every moment.

Though Aaron’s parents were divorced, he never chose sides; he loved them both equally. Not a day would pass without Aaron calling his mother. They cooked and spent endless hours together, talking about what mattered to them.  Aaron lived with Anthony, his father, and Marcus, his younger brother. Aaron got the best traits from both of his parents; he was gifted with a combination of both of their personalities. He was hospitable and social, and oozed of love for his family. His relationship with his aunts was that of extended mothers, and he had many. Aaron visited Vicky, Carolyn, Elsie, and Penny on a regular basis.

Crape Myrtle tree

Aaron left the world like an artist with his canvas half-painted. The vision I get of his finished work is that of a road well traveled by many, lined with myrtle trees blooming in shades of white, soft pink, and deep purple. These trees will always remind me of Aaron because they were in full bloom on the day he took his last journey. The myrtle tree is a symbol of God’s blessing.

Zechariah 1:11 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

11 And they answered the angel of the Lord, who was standing among the myrtle trees: “We have been patrolling the earth, and now the whole earth rests quietly.”



Catholic Doctrine 

For 12 years Aaron was being engrafted into the Word of God through his Catholic teachings. Every year during Lent he gave up alcohol; he did this faithfully. He learned how to use the teachings of God to apply them to his life. He honored his mother and father and loved his younger brother Marcus beyond measure. He understood the “Golden Rule” and lived a life of loving his neighbor. He will make a difference in his passing because those who knew him will remember the loving times spent with him. Their memories of Aaron will be sweet.

My Prayer:

Dear Lord, Lorrie, Anthony and Marcus are in great pain; their hearts are shattered with the loss of Aaron. I pray that in Your Divine Mercy, You will grant them special graces to get through this trial. They love You Lord, let them know that Aaron is resting in Your arms. Lord, give them a sign that Aaron is now at peace and no longer in pain. Allow them to be at peace about their great loss. Lord, allow other friends and family members to come alongside them and lift them up in prayer. Bring those who have lost their way back into Your kingdom. The world, as we see it today is darkness, but with, God, comes light. Allow Aaron’s passing to become that beacon of light to guide others toward the right path. Jesus We Trust In You!

I will continue to pray and offer my communion on behalf of my friends until the Lord releases me from this obligation. Good night sweet boy.


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