Prophetic New Year

I believe this will be a year of great reckoning.

The Vatican

The ambiguity coming from the Vatican has left us all in a quandary. What did the pope really mean, and why does it need to be explained? Why does the media welcome this news with such glee?  I am referring to the blessing of same-sex couples. With God there is no hidden agenda. His message is simple and does not need an explanation.

I will not use this platform to attack the Catholic Church, nor will I condemn the words of our pope, which greatly saddened me. Instead  I will  patiently  wait on God and concentrate on His blessings, reminding myself  of Who sits on the throne. Besides, the gates of hell will not prevail, against it.  The Catholic church will remain because God planted it on solid ground.  (Mt 16:18)  We pray for a  spiritual cleansing.

The Truth

How do you distinguish a lie from the truth?  If you truly  have a healthy relationship with God, the  Holy Spirit will reveal truth. Occasionally when I watch the secular news I know immediately if the reporting is indeed factual or fabricated. We must take into consideration that any matters having to do with secular news are based on profit; the more sensational the report, the better the ratings. (John 14:17)

1 John 4:6   New American Bible (Revised Edition)

With  eyes wide open many refuse to see the truth. Nothing will change the true believer’s mind about same-sex marriages. God loves them and wants them to live saintly lives. Although they believe that the marriage can be blessed, it is not scriptural. Unfortunately there are priests who will bless these unions, but in the eyes of God they are unacceptable. Marriage is between a man and woman. (Lev 18:22) I fear any Catholic priest who supports same-sex marriages will face judgement without mercy because they know and have been taught the Word of God. ( Jeremiah 50:6)

We have been living in a bubble of lies, but God will expose the truth. Sometimes I feel surrounded by so much distortion that I want to scream. It is maddening!


Public Schools

For years our public schools have been a target of the Enemy. Satan would want nothing more than to destroy the future of our children. Slowly the Devil has chipped away and opened doors from the pit of Hell to indoctrinate students into believing that transgender is normal and acceptable. Those who have supported this agenda will be held accountable for the young lives that they have affected. (2 Timothy 4:3)

Big Pharma

I recently took my cat Prudie to the vet. As several of us waited for our pets, a man walked in with his dog. This man was a talker; even if we did not want to hear what he was saying, we were forced to. He wanted to make sure that his dog was going to get his second COVID vaccine. So now Big Pharma has a surplus of these vaccinations so it is giving them to our pets? This is news to me because of all the dogs we have owned, we have never given them any sort of a flu shot.

COVID Vaccine For Pets

According to Complexity Science Hub Vienna, there have been only 174 cases of canine COVID reported worldwide! So now that human beings have removed the scales from their eyes about this vaccine, Big Pharma is pushing it on our pets! The truth will always prevail.

Lost Trust

Why is Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Lapado calling for a halt of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine? And why have only 3% of Americans received the COVID booster?  The CDC and FDA have failed the American people. When the truth about the vaccines remains hidden, people lose trust. Without trust, Big Pharma will lose.

Social Influencers

I have Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook accounts. I use these social media platforms for promoting this Blog. A couple of weeks ago I posted a video that offended others. Of course my intentions were meant to come across as comical, but others did not receive it that way. I quickly removed the video from my page because I want to lead others to Christ, not anger them.

As soon as I hear the F-bomb drop on social media, I immediately move on. You do not need to use profanity on social media to gain more followers. Be yourself and others will recognize your honesty.

Being Held Accountable

You may have millions of followers, but where are you leading them? Many social influencers are leading our youth into more confusion. They’re talented and fly in  private jets; these are  blessings from God. We do not need to know how liberal they are, or how their fame has catapulted them, but are they qualified to give any sort of advice? They need to be careful because God is not only watching them, He can take it all away.

My Prayer

Dear Lord, I praise You and believe that all that hidden agendas will surface and truth will prevail. Many will be in shock with the outcome of  Your great reckoning. I pray for those who are steeped in self-love, causing many to go astray. I pray that they willl wake up to see the glory of Your existent and pay homage to all the gifts You have given them. Father, You are the great judge, and we say, “Enough!” Save us Lord! Amen.

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