The Battle is Real

When an athletic trains for a race, the training is for a win to reach the goal for the prize that they worked so hard for.  Just as your body can be conditioned to win, so our minds must be trained to win in battles. Some of us have many crosses to bear;such as, serious illnesses, addictions, loss of a love ones, finances,etc. God allows these trials to make us stronger and he will never give you more than you can handle (1 Cor 10:13), God will always give us a way out. We need to stand our ground and use the Word of God as our main weapon against the destructive tactics of the enemy. Maybe you received a bad report from the doctor, what you do with this information will set the standards on your recovery. If you allow fear to come in then you have personally invited the enemy to take hold of your thoughts. Fear is a spirit and a stronghold, you have the authority to bring it down (Rom 8:15) God did not give us a spirit of fear, so that means it comes from Satan. When we operate in fear we are weak in our prayers because trusting God is no longer effective. So you pray but with the lack of faith, your prayer is in limbo. Yes, God hears you but you lack three things to get you through your trials.

  1. Encouragement
  2. Wisdom
  3. Faith

    My arsenal

Without encouragement you feel empty (nobody cares, why me?), without wisdom you do not have the guidance of God, Without faith you cannot pray. All this keeps us in bondage and Satan has you right where he wants you, defeated. When I was told by the neurologist that I had Parkinson’s it was not easy for me to pray, I first had to get over the initial shock.  I cried but then I prayed. God allows us these times of sorrow to bring us into His trusting arms. From every trial we experience, we are to draw from Him and understand that all is in His control, not ours. If we doubt, we are being double minded, such actions holds back from a complete trust in God because inside we waver between conviction and doubt.  God wants us to trust in Him more than ever, and I know that for some of us this is a huge step to take.

A very dear friend of mine is suffering from stage four cancer and in treatment with no signs of remission as of yet. She is trusting God and battling for her life and she should be afflicted with pain but has not had any signs of it. Why? I cannot answer that, but I can share with you that she is a strong believer and servant of the Most High God. Her attitude remains positive as she focuses on a miracle. Will she get this miracle? God answers every prayer with yes, no and wait. As my friend waits, in the interim she is trusting God and that is a remarkable attribute to instill in others.  Whether  her report is negative or positive, she remains focused on the prize at the end of the race.

My Prayer:
Dear Heavenly Father, I cannot do this alone, I am tired, angry, and want to give up! Please Lord help me get through this, I can no longer continue this battle on my own. Dear Lord I cry out to You for Help. Please hear my cry and deliver me from this affliction, help my unbelief and walk me though this darkness.  Thank you Father for caring for me. Please help me in every area of my life to trust in You.  AMEN

Remember you are never alone! He cares and I do too!



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