Fill My Cup Lord

My grandson Jacob

Even after attending Mass today a dark cloud wanted to keep me company, these spirits are real and if you do not know how to pray it off  you, it will keep you from doing God’s work. I pushed forth to rid myself of this depression; I prayed for others, answered a few emails and watched of my youngest grandchild for a few hours, he insisted on playing hide and seek.

My walk with the Lord is steadfast and I live to serve Him but I’m still a mere mortal subjected to the attacks of the enemy. It is 1:30 PM and my plans for the day are still not even close to being complete. I consumed flavors potato chips to get me through but that never works. Finally I made my way to the treadmill and that aroused my endorphins; I prayed the Rosary and suddenly that looming cloud disappeared. It’s a mind game with the devil and he has an assignment to rob, to kill, and to destroy (James 10:10).

Please know that you are not alone when you suffer from depression, this is normal, especially when you come off a high for The Lord. The enemy is there as a constant reminder of our shortcomings; he is a lier and we need to put him in his place.

My short simple prayer:
Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you and praise you for all you that are doing in my life. I know that this spirit of depression is not from you. Lord, please help me get through my day in victory and allow your Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts. I empty my heart, mind and spirit and ask that you Lord will fill it with your perfect love. Your word says that “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”( John 10:10) Thank you Jesus!

Sister Clara

To get back into the spirit of God the pictures of our recent trip reminded me of how greatly we were all used.



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