The Gifts We Bring


We exchange gifts because the Magi presented gifts to the Christ child.

The Gifts

The Wisemen, the Three Kings, presented  gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh.

– The gold represents Christ deity; a gift fit for a king.

– Frankincense represents Christ’s ministry, because it was used for religious worship.

– Myrrh represents Christ’s death and burial.

The Season Of Giving

We are in the Christmas season. Whether providing gifts for our loved ones or not, we all need to be in the spirit of giving. Give yourselves through volunteering, and, if you don’t have time for that, donate funds to a Christian organization that will assist families during the holidays. You can also contribute by sharing the gifts God has given you.


I would like to share a story about my friend Trevor, a young man who is part of St. Norbert Parish. I met him several years ago at the church parking lot.   His commitment  to attending daily Mass intrigued me. One day I approached him and asked, “Are you studying to become a priest?”  With a broad smile, he answered, “No.” I discerned that he was a quiet, kindhearted man.


I noticed that Trevor was serving as a sacristan during daily Mass. A sacristan is a person who is in charge of the sacristy and its contents. I thought to myself, “What a great position for Trevor because he is familiar with the holy matters of God.”

The Flyer

I had shared with Trevor that I was a blogger. Ultimately, I want the  community of our parish to read the blog because many stories are about our church.   As I was leaving, Trevor handed me a flyer about a project he created “Catholic Stories for Children.”  Trevor received the idea for these stories from the Holy Spirit.


In Trevor’s words, “Mary always leads us to Christ.” He found an animator and an illustrator and produced his first series dedicated to the”Hail Mary.”

I watched the video on Youtube, and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. For this reason, I believe that Trevor’s stories are not only going to teach children but also going to lead others to the simple understanding of our Catholic faith,

Franciscan University

Trevor is currently working on his Master of Theology degree as an online student. Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, conducts an annual event called GRACE (Gallery of Research, Artistry and Community Engagement).

Trevor was reluctant to enter the competition because he felt that it was not for him. He was only taking one online class, but submitted the project after someone persuaded him. Much to his surprise, he ended up winning the Dr. James Coyle Media Award.
The Abbey

Trevor is a contemplative, who prays for direction for his projects. He was spending quiet time with the Lord at St. Michael’s Abbey.  The Abbey is located in Silverado Canyon, California, tucked away in the hills surrounded by God’s landscape of natural beauty. As Trevor was leaving the Abbey, a man approached him and asked if he was okay. After a short conversation, they  decided to meet for coffee.

Providence  of God

The coffee session included the man and his sister, who happened to run The International Hollywood Film Festival!  Even though the organization was no longer accepting submissions, the lady encouraged him to enter his film. But in order to be considered for the festival, all the paperwork had to be filled out that night.  Again, Trevor felt that maybe this was not for him; after all this was Hollywood and his film was about the Hail Mary prayer.  That night, after much prayer, he filled out the forms and sent them via email.

After Trevor submitted his film, he received an email stating that it was accepted. A few months passed before he received another update. His film became a nominee. Then another email informed him that his film would be screened at the iconic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles!

Before the showing, they would select five films to show a trailer and to talk about the project. Trevor was not comfortable doing this; he was afraid that the Hollywood audience would not receive this film. He thought that it would be difficult to present to an audience that does not respect the Catholic Church. He received another email stating that there was only one spot left.

Mary Again

That evening, Trevor received a call from the man that he met at St. Michael’s Abbey. He encouraged Trevor to submit the film. He told him to go to Mary and to pray about it. Once again Trevor put it in the hands of God.


Trevor was terrified to present this talk to a very large crowd, mostly because he was unaccustomed to being on any stage, let alone one from Hollywood.  He made the one-minute trailer for his three-minute film, prepared a short talk about his project, and submitted it. The Hail Mary story was greatly received. He met fallen away Catholics who were reminded of their Catholic upbringing.

The animated film was shown in the iconic theater and received six awards from the film festival!

Behind the Scenes

The cost for the first animated film was $10,000; it involved three animators, an illustrator and a sound designer. The new series could cost from $20,000 to $30,000 each. They included a screen writer, illustrator, animation studio, music composer, voice actors/singers and a 3-D designer. The animation studio is located in Mexico City, the music composers are  in Ohio and the 3-D illustrator is in Italy, making it an international virtual project.

Trevor was blessed to receive a generous grant from a foundation who wishes to remain anonymous. You can also donate to this holy project by:


On the contrary, Disney’s last “woke” movie, Wish cost over $200 million to produce. I do not believe anyone at Disney is praying about their productions because  both the feminist Marvel and Wish flopped in the box office. Besides, Disney is still trying to recoup the $300 million lost from Marvel.

My Prayer

Dear Lord, Thank You for all the favor You have bestowed on Trevor. Lord, even in our state of doubt, remind us of our gifts. May Trevor’s “Catholic Stories for Children” spread throughout the world. Amen.


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