The Long Journey

My nephew Nick and his wife Michele at Oak Alley

  1. Oak Alley after Hurricane Ida

    Nothing irks me more than unexpected potholes and the inconvenience of road repairs and detours. In our life’s journey we will come across many obstacles that will redirect our walk with God. The other day, for the life of me, I could not get anything together. I needed to run errands, but had to go back inside the house because I kept forgetting things. I couldn’t find my keys, I forgot my water bottle, my phone was on silent so it took longer to find, but thank God, St. Anthony always comes through. Later I find out that there was an accident not far from where I was going. Our distractions could not only give us a message to slow down but save our lives.

Slow Down

We all have our daily routines. You must get ready for your workday and all it entails. If you have children, they need attending to as well.  Before our granddaughter learned to drive, and I had to babysit I had to get up extra early, pack lunches, prepare breakfast and then drive them to two different schools. By the time I got home all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed, thank God it was only for a few days.

The older we get, the slower we take life. My priorities have changed;  all I want to do is secure my free ticket to heaven. I want to share my life’s journey with everyone who crosses my path. God gifted me with a good sense of humor; sometimes all it takes to make someone smile is to get their attention. I have never mastered beating someone over the head with a Bible, but in today’s society it might not be such a bad idea. The Word of God keeps me grounded and when discouragement crosses my path, I take the high road to reach the silence of God’s peace. I don’t know exactly where many Bible verses are, but I do quote them whenever I’m in a state of desperation.

Sometimes when I’m not paying attention I step into dog excrement; my first thought is to get rid of this by taking my shoes off and cleaning them. We step into difficult situations in life as well. All we can do is try to clean off the mess we have caused, or else we walk around with an offensive stench. Our journey will always have choices of roads leading to different paths, but the road to heaven is always available. We clutter our path by wrong influences that take us away from the things of God. At no time does it get more difficult than when we run out of gas or forget to charge the electrical vehicle.


Sometimes I struggle with prayer; I go through powerful prayer for several weeks, then spurts of prayer due to the distractions of the world. One thing is certain: with or without gas my journey in prayer is ever present. It took a while for me to train my spirit to call upon God for all of my needs. My journey led me to many other Christian denominations,  but in the end I came back to the Lord through my Catholic roots. I now have a Catholic church parish; for me it’s a comfortable home with a solid roof covering my beliefs and what I will always represent.

Don’t Give Up On Prayer

For many years I have been asking God for specific things in my life but have not gotten an answer. This does at times discourage me, but I continue on that lonely path, believing that God will answer my request. I’m a sinner, so when conviction overtakes my conscience, I pray. Prayer clears the highways of our minds so that we can reach our destination.  The living waters that Jesus promised refresh our spirits; the more we drink, the more we desire this fountain of healing. As I write this Blog, I thank God for my own health and family’s health. But deep in my spirit I’m doing battle for those who need a miracle with court cases, or healings of cancer, of marriages, and salvation for their loved ones.

I pray for others on a regular basis. Throughout the day my spirit is taking different crossroads to intercede for others. If you ask me to pray for someone or if God puts someone on my heart, I am obligated to pray for that person until He releases me.

The Debris 

My sister Jo and her cat Segundo evacuated to Mississippi

Our country just experienced Hurricane Ida. This cursed girl wreaked  havoc from Louisiana to New York until she finally ran out of breath. Ida’s disrespect of the hundred-year-old oak trees in her path, scattered their lifeless branches on the roads. My sister Jo and her sons surrendered to her destruction; they had to leave due to the loss of electrical power. There will not be a welcome mat spread out for them on their return; rather they will face the laborious task of cleaning up the mess Ida left behind. Without electricity food spoils and has to be discarded; this is another big expense. The Big Easy is a hot mess. While the rest of us are gearing up for the last barbecue of the summer, the people in the path of Ida are resilient and will make their way to the road of recovery. Because there is nowhere else to turn, these cataclysmic trials only make them stronger; they develop a deeper union with our Creator.

In her path of devastation, Ida took the lives of  67 persons  and left millions without power.  Our nephew Torie and his family fled north to Rustin to a friend’s vacation home; later, they rented a two-bedroom apartment for one month until their power is restored. Of this family of five, four suffer from a mild case of COVID. Once the dust settles and the rush of crowds getting gas and food is over, they will head back home.

My Prayer

Dear Lord, thank You for protecting our family during Hurricane Ida. I pray for all who lost family members. Lord, embrace them and comfort their hurting hearts. Heavenly Father, may You always direct our path and clear the way for us to take the pathway You have set for us. I pray for my nephew Mario; give him special graces and favor, and lead him back to You. I pray for Bobbie, who is in need of a miracle; restore her health and hear the cries of her heart. I pray for all who are suffering with COVID. May this pandemic be eradicated from the earth. Amen.


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