The Wrath

We are all feeling the anger, pain, and disgust over losing 13 American soldiers and the countless Afghans who were killed by the suicide bombers . Where are all the Biden supporters now? Why aren’t they blasting Facebook with their supportive messages? Biden can’t blame anyone but himself for this debacle. But the liberal media is struggling to unravel a way to spin this story.  The beauty of truth is that it will always prevail and no one will be able to contest it. The families of these beautiful young men and women will always know that they paid the ultimate price for the mistakes of President Biden.

“Save the Date Card”

In the United States it is customary to send out a “save the date card” months before the wedding invitation. This allows their guests to make the proper arrangements to be able to attend the wedding. What the president has done was to essentially send out “save the date cards” to the Taliban. Did it not cross Biden’s mind that Americans had to be evacuated before making this absurd decision? Then he gave out the list of those invited, and injudiciously handed the names of Americans and Afghan allies to the terrorists. How does this get past White House briefings? The Taliban’s history of murdering Afghans who colluded with Americans is no secret; in the eyes of the terrorists these Afghans are traitors.

In Harms Way Using Our Arms

We will never know the real cost or have an accurate account of all the military equipment left behind in Afghanistan. According to, two key reports on the U.S. war chest of military gear in Afghanistan had disappeared from the federal website. If we pay for these audits, the U.S. should provide the information that would allow us to follow the money. Citizens from war-torn Afghanistan are genuine refugees; their claims for political asylum are warranted.

According to the Pew Research Center, the U.S. Border Patrol reported over 200,000 migrants along the U.S.- Mexican border in July. This is the highest monthly total in more than two decades. Newsweek reported that since January 2021, 1,111,000 immigrants have crossed the U.S.- Mexican border.

The numbers are not in yet as to how many Afghan refugees will be welcomed into this country. One thing is certain: it will also be in the millions. Call it what you may, but in my eyes this is another example of poor planning. Who is going to pay for this? If we allow this liberal Congress to continue to rule, they will vote to make every refugee a citizen. Why? Because the Democrats need their votes. But don’t count on the Afghan refugees to vote for them, because they are well familiar with communism.

No God, No Favor

President Biden is a CINO (Catholic in name only). He does not follow the teachings of the Catholic Church and, for this reason, he should be excommunicated from the Church. His beliefs are offensive to God and to most of us, especially Christians who are serving the Lord. His reprobate mindset is cemented and, unless he repents, he will never change. He will forever support ungodly teachings and continue to warp the minds of those who believe his lies. He can not cry out to God because he has forsaken the core teachings and laws that God sent for us to live by. Even if Biden cries out to God, God will not listen to him.

31 We know that God does not listen to sinners, but if one is devout and does his will, he listens to him.
Biden has blood on his hands – not only for the 13 soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our country, but for all the babies killed through abortions and for supporting all the gender dysphoria and whatever else is connected to this confusion of sin. We who believe will continue to pray for God to pull us out of this abyss.

Isaiah 1:15  New American Bible (Revised Edition)

Global Warming Or The Hand of God?
How many natural disasters is it going to take to wake us up? God is slowly lifting His hand from this country because of sin. As of today, this year, 1.66 million acres have burned in California alone.  My sister and some of her family members are hunkered down with Hurricane Ida in their direct path. Please pray for their safety.
21 See, the Lord goes forth from his place, to punish the wickedness of the earth’s inhabitants; The earth will reveal the blood shed upon it, and no longer conceal the slain.

Many Christians are crying out that we are living in the Last Days. It sure seems that way. What we should be doing is asking God to intervene on our behalf and to allow us another opportunity to serve. We can’t be like Lot’s wife, looking back at all the material things she left behind. We must always look ahead, pray without ceasing, and believe that God will change the hearts of evil men. The wrath of God is imminent; the signs are all the natural disasters, global warming and climate change. Call it what you may, it’s banging on our doors.

Romans 1:18 New American Bible (Revised Edition)

 18 The wrath of God is indeed being revealed from heaven against every impiety and wickedness of those who suppress the truth by their wickedness.

God will not be mocked: godless leaders will not go unpunished. In the words of Biden, “We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay.” It’s a little too late to play the tough guy! Biden’s ill-advised, disastrous policy decisions will become his downfall.
My Prayer
Dear Lord, let us never forget the brave soldiers who were taken from their families at such a young age. May You comfort broken hearts and heal the anger and pain of these families. Through all this agony, bring peace to them. Lord, You are the Healer, the Comforter, the One we seek when we are numb from our brokenness. We pray for President Biden to repent and to serve our country in the Name of God and all it stands for. I pray for my sister Jo and her family; protect her and all that are in Hurricane Ida’s path. Amen.

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