The Still Small Voice

How do you discern the  still small voice of God from your own? Ask the Holy Spirit to help you become more sensitive to the voice of God.  We need to be close to God in order to hear His voice.



Me, and sisters Myra and Jo

My First Trip to Disneyland

Though our parents were divorced, our father’s  sister, my Aunt Sophie, always tried to stay in touch with us. My Aunt Sophie and Uncle Al lived in the suburbs of Los Angeles, they had a home with a swimming pool in their back  yard and much to my amazement, in her master bedroom they had a television tucked in the corner off the ceiling. They also had a clothes dryer.  Just as we were ready to leave for Disneyland my brother Mike fell into the pool. Aunt Sophie’s quick actions saved the day. Mike had to wait for his clothes to dry in the dryer!  I thought that I had seen it all! In my eyes, she was materially rich and she dressed the part too. Although we lived in the small farming town of Brawley, she and uncle Al drove three-and-a-half hours to pick us up to take us to Disneyland. At that time living in Brawley in the mid-fifties was like living in Timbuktu. I’d never heard of Disneyland, and for our mother to allow us to have a sleepover was unheard of.

Why did our Aunt Sophie decide to take all of us kids to Disneyland? I believe that deep in her heart my aunt wanted to do something special for us. She did this loving act to bring joy into our lives. I also believe that God tugged at her heart and she was obedient. As a small child of five, I was more impressed with her home than Disneyland. I will never forget this kind act; it will forever be in my heart. My Aunt Sophie and Uncle Al took six of us, from the ages of five to twelve to Disneyland. Norma, the baby of the family, was too young to be away from our mother.

Our Home

We have been living in our present home for 39 years. This home was not my first choice. I wanted to move to the city of Fullerton. But God spoke to Mike about our home. In 1983, on a  rainy day in late February,  he came upon what is now our home. Without a realtor, Mike opened the side gate and walked around the perimeter of the house, looked through the sliding doors and knew that this would be our future home. He said that he had the feeling of peace in his heart, knowing that God had brought him there. It didn’t take long for him to convince me that God had a hand in picking out our house. I love where we live  and our neighbors are our dear friends; we watch over each other.

Listening to God’s Voice

Years ago Mike and I attended a Mass in San Francisco at the beautiful St. Dominic’s Catholic Church. The Mass was held in a side chapel of the church. We sat behind this dark-skinned young man. He held a Bible and the rolled up sleeves of his pinkish shirt revealed numerous sores on his forearms. This was before COVID, so we were still extending our hands during the “sign of peace.” I was praying for this precious young man, so when the service was over, the Lord instructed me to give him a prophetic word. I remember questioning God in my head. I asked the Lord, “Really, but how will he receive me?”  It was a long walk to the exit of the church, but I kept step with Mike. Then it hit me! The Lord said, “Turn back and tell him that his prayers will be answered!”  When I turned back the young man was nowhere in sight. Mike was puzzled when I told him, “I need to go back and give that young man a message!” I was frantic and thought that I would not find him. The young man had made his way to the main sanctuary and was praying. I was winded when I sat behind him. “The Lord asked me to give you a message, He said that your prayers would be answered.” The man turned toward me and said, “Thank you.” This was a thank you of relief. Mike never questioned me about this incident because he knew that it was God’s doing.

A Matter of Life or Death

Several years ago I was teaching in a program called Release Time Christian Education, at Nohl Canyon Elementary school.  One Thursday, while picking up my students, Kaitlan came running to tell me that Kelly (a parent of a former student) was in the hospital. Our walk to the trailer was a distance from the school, so I questioned  her about Kelly. All she could tell me was that she was very sick. I had this feeling in my heart to go to the hospital and pray for her but she, was just an acquaintance; I wondered  how she would receive me.  I taught the 45-minute class and walked the students back to school with this overwhelming feeling to go to the hospital to pray for Kelly. I told myself, “No, no, I can’t do this. It would be too weird!”  I went home to eat lunch. I made a sandwich and took several bites when I felt the Lord tugging at my heart to go to the hospital. I called the hospital to get specific information then with urgency got into the car and drove at an accelerated speed to St. Joseph’s Hospital. I was praying the entire way while the Devil was also attempting to get my attention. “Why are you doing this? You don’t even know her?” I tried to shut out the negative voices with praise music. So many obstacles were thrown my way as I rushed in to see Kelly. I thought to myself, what do I have to give? I felt empty; I was trembling when I arrived.  Kelly was in ICU and, due to the severity of  her illness, I was required to suit up in a mask, gloves and robe. It was a shocking sight to see this normally active, young, beautiful mother of two in such a frail state. Kelly burst into tears and explained that her body was shutting down and that she was totally septic. With the combination of tears and the mask, my glasses fogged up as I dabbed her forehead with blessed oil and prayed for her. The prayer was for healing and total restoration of her body. My visit lasted only about 10 minutes, but after I left I prayed for her throughout the day.

My Office/school room for Release Time Christian Education

The following evening I received a text message from Kelly. This is what I can recall:  “I wanted you to be one of the first to know that I’m being released from the hospital today. I wanted to thank you for coming and praying for me. The infection has left my body. I want to thank you on behalf of my parents because I am their only living child. I know that you were an angel sent from heaven, and it was a miracle.” Kelly was able to spend Thanksgiving with her family, and I thank God that I listened to  His voice.

My Prayer

Dear Lord, I pray for all who are struggling with their walk. Lord, You are the Creator of us all. In these days of mass confusion, shed Your holy light over us. Guide us to make the right decisions and to always say yes to Your still small voice. I continue to pray for Carla, Allie, Kathy, Ana, Mario and for peace in our homes. Amen.




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