Time To Dethrone Governor Newsom


King Newsom
King David


Despite  California’s reputation for being a liberal state, there are plenty of people like me who are not going to go down without a fair fight. We’ve grown tired of the dinosaurs and their juvenile offspring who have been ruling our state for way too long.

He had a son named Saul, who was a handsome young man. There was no other Israelite more handsome than Saul; he stood head and shoulders above the people.

Governor Newsom reminds me of a modern day King Saul. Tall, handsome, and, loved by his people, King Saul thought himself invincible, but when he disobeyed God, he was stripped of his kingdom. It takes more than good looks to run a kingdom, and, in Newsom’s case, he has failed our state miserably by allowing radical groups to hijack our public schools by teaching Critical Race Theory. I’m appalled by the lack of follow through on matters concerning our borders, and how it’s all about to come to a full boil on the back burners. The misuse of federal dollars to keep people from working has done nothing but create more chaos. Our governor has extended a long arm to make victims of those affected by COVID. His actions have caused our economy to greatly suffer by teaching those on the receiving end to become dependent on government aid. This problem trickles down to all businesses suffering the brunt of inflation by having to adjust their  employees’ rate of pay. This cycle continues to the consumers who must pay for the added expenditures. In the end we all bear the financial burden brought on by these bureaucratic handouts.

The Recall

Last week I received my ballot to recall Governor Newson. Yes, I want him out but what a mess of confusion this ballot is! I’m still praying for God to give me a clear sign as to who would be the strongest candidate. The media has targeted Larry Elder to smear his character and destroy his campaign. This tells me that Elder is a threat to the Democrats. The most insulting claim is that he is black only in color. This baffles me! All this time were not the liberals fighting for blacks to advance? Not in Larry Elder’s case; his views are too far right. One thing I will take into consideration with Mr. Elder is that he wants to take on the Teachers Union. It’s time to not only take a swing at this bully Goliath but to make this organization understand that parents should have the last word with their children’s education.

The Ballot

If conservatives really want this recall to succeed, we need to be united. How can this happen with 24 Republicans on the ballot? There are nine Democrats, two Greens, one Libertarian and ten Nones. Of all these names I am familiar with only two: Larry Elder and Caitlyn Jenner. Bruce Jenner has always been a conservative so I imagine that despite his new “they/them” his conservative views remain the same. The “Nones” really are a big concern because they are like wolves in sheep’s clothing; three of them are involved in education. I have eliminated all but two: Larry Elder and maybe John Cox. As much as I would like to write in a certain candidate, it would be a lost cause.

Cleaning Up California

There is so much at stake with this recall: we need to have our heritage and our freedom restored. Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs; this is the main reason the United States has been blessed. God has always been our protector, but, like the Israelites, Newson’s supporters wanted a new king. They rejected the true God for a king who would not only rule over them but make them slaves.

Can we not see what’s going on around us? It’s pretty clear to many that God has allowed all this to take place. Did the pandemic scare us straight? The fires, the hurricanes, the earthquakes, the fall of nations, climate change – have these calamities put your spirit in check? The way of the world is to despair;  but God offers hope, and this hope is what I see on the horizon for our beautiful state of California. I  don’t wish evil for Governor Newsom, but he has allowed disastrous policies to prevail in our state. Now he needs to be held accountable. Governor Newsom’s name is tainted, even if things go in his favor. If history is told with truth, Newsom will go down like King Saul.
The Irony of Saul’s Death
As the story of 1 Samuel continued, God anointed David as King. Saul in his imaginary kingdom continued to fight battles. The prophet Samuel had died and God did not answer Saul’s request, so Saul called on a medium, the witch of Endor. Saul was desperate for answers. Who is Governor Newsom consulting? Newsom has the same spirit as King Saul. Out of fear, Saul took his life by falling on his sword.
Saul said to his armor-bearer, “Draw your sword and run me through; otherwise these uncircumcised will come and abuse me.” But the armor-bearer, badly frightened, refused, so Saul took his own sword and fell upon it.
My Prayer:
Dear Lord, I pray for Your wisdom in this recall election. May we as Your children obey Your Word. Lord, help us to make the right decision in choosing among this candidates. Guide us to do what is right in your eyes. Lord, You exposed the lies of Governor Cuomo; do the same for the governor of our great state. I pray that you prick Governor Newsom’s conscience, Lord, give him an understanding as to why he is being recalled. Amen

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