Truly He Was the Son of God

We are entering into the most holy of Christian holidays, Holy Week starts with Palm Sunday and the readings were from Luke 22:14-23; 56. This readings take place in the Upper Room.

The Upper Room is located in the Old City of Jerusalem; it is where the Last Supper took place, where our Lord told Judas he would betray Him, and where our Lord predicted Peter’s denial ((John 13:21-30, 36-38) This is also the place where Jesus washed the feet of his Disciples (John 13:1-20). You do not have to go to the Holy Land to experience this holiness because it is also through prayer that we can attain these divine experiences.

If you have not yet made an effort to change your circumstances for the better, Holy Week is a perfect time to start. Springtime arouses all of our senses; the flowers are giving their strongest scent, our eyes are opened to the beauty of nature, We can hear the voice of God telling us to repent. We can touch the hem of His garment for our healing. As we draw near to Him, He will reveal more of Himself to us.

I want nothing more than to be in His presence, I long for the time I spend with Him at Adoration or attending daily Mass; to receive Him through the Holy Eucharist brings joy and healing to my spirit.

I want the world to know the great love He has for all of us, and how He died for every sinner, because He is a just God, and we can all partake in His blessings. He hears your cry, and knows your every pain, He is there when you are broken, He is there when you think you can no longer get up. He will extend His holy hands to lift you. When we are too weak to stand, we get on our knees, until we are strengthened.

You will not find Him in crystals, or New Age, because He does not complicate or compromise for those He loves. These religions offer happiness, but our God offers joy. Happiness is an temporary emotion, but joy is something that stays in your heart. Always remember that the joy of the Lord is our strength. Nothing can bring us out of misery but the Love of our Lord.

The Lord waits for us to repent. Repent means to change the way you think, a conversion within your mind to transform your will, to change your life for the better. There is nothing more joyful than to serve the Lord.

I will see you on Good Friday in Jerusalem, at the Fourth Station of the Cross, where Jesus meets his Holy Mother Mary. God Bless your glorious Holy Week. Pray for us, as we pray for you!

My Prayer: Lord, take me into your Upper Room where you appeared to your Apostles, and appear to me. Wash not only my feet, but also my spirit, to be pure before you. Let me draw near to you, Lord, allow me to touch your nail-scarred hands, so that I will never doubt your Word. Open my eyes to see you more clearly. Hold me, Lord, so that I can feel the beating of your holy heart. Breathe your Holy Spirit upon me as You did at Pentecost. Amen

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