Unmasking the Lies

In a study by Emil O.W. Kirkegaard, the Ulster Institute of Social Research recently released an interesting findings stating that people who are extremely liberal suffer from mental illness more frequently than right-wing extremists. In my observation  part of the mental illness is the anger that is attached to their way of thinking. Once this mindset has entered into a cult-like thinking, it’s difficult to escape the outcome. As a conservative I, too, suffer from reading too much into political matters, but I’ve learned to put the brakes on when my mind gets too flustered. I pray instead of obsessing.

California Living

We are surrounded by natural beauty, and though I live 20 minutes from the beach, the ocean generously sends us a cooling breeze on a regular basis. This breeze reminds me that God is in control; I can’t see the Pacific, or see the breeze but it is ever present. California has turned its wounded cheek for more and more abuse, but all the evil is being exposed for the world to see. We are a state controlled by liberals, but they do not rule over us because we, who believe in truth and justice are not taking these matters lightly.

We have developed into a nation of bad leadership: education, professional sports teams, Hollywood, politicians and liberal media have given us a preview of life in chaos. The liberals can say what they feel without any recourse for what spews out of their mouths. Yet we silently voice our opinion by shutting them off. Take the Academy Awards; not too many of us cared to participate in this staged event strategically making sure that certain races and genders of people won. I remember when this show was in its prime and the winners were awarded because of their talent not their gender or race. Our silent voices were loudly expressed with the show’s lowest ratings ever. I don’t want to be lectured by liberal thinking. People like me will no longer support any movies they make either.

Our governor is running scared because he thought he was invincible. We’re tired of how this state is being ruined by buffoons with big hair and Joker smiles. It’s time for new leadership. I signed the petition to remove our governor from office months ago, and apparently we have reached more signatures than are needed to recall Newsom. We don’t keep our fingers crossed, we pray.

Appoint an evil one over him,
an accuser to stand at his right hand,
 That he may be judged and found guilty, that his plea may be in vain.

May his days be few;
    may another take his office.


The Extreme Mindset

A  circumspect mind gives us an opening to reality. There is good in all of us, but when the mind wanders deep into the abyss of darkness, sometimes it’s difficult to find a way out and into the light. I know plenty of extreme right-wing people; they mean well but they separate themselves because of their own beliefs. Though my husband and I do not always agree on political matters, we have learned to leave this out of our marriage for the sake of peace. It’s not my job to change him to believe as I do, nor can he impose his beliefs on me. The only recourse is to pray for the revelation of God’s truth.

The extreme example of left-wing bias has been given the right to wave their banners of injustice in our faces. We see what Black Lives Matter is about. They do not represent Black America. BLM are out for themselves, and there is no hiding their truth. So far Patrisse Cullors,  BLM co-founder, has purchased four homes valued over 3.2 million dollars. According to an article in the Washington Times, FaceBook blocked this story from being viewed. BLM of New York City has called for an independent investigation of Ms. Cullors home-buying binge.  This is for the “woke” folks to wake up and follow the money trail.


Our giggling Vice-President has yet to set foot near our borders. I’m a mother; when my children needed provisions; food, clothing, shelter, it was our responsibility as parents to make sure their needs were met. I would never clothe, feed and shelter a stranger before my own family. Yet our country is carelessly doing this. I am a missionary, so if anyone understands the needs of others, I do! As a missionary I see the pain, the need and the care others need, but for the love of God and country, let’s take care of America first. Kamala Harris continues to spend money when it is needed at home. This liberal thinking has stepped on and pushed aside the needs of Americans. Our homeless crisis continues to escalate while Biden and Harris load up illegal immigrants on to planes to hide the real problem. To make us believe that all the influx of illegals has to do with climate change is egregious.

Governor Cuomo

Though the news of all of Cuomo’s wrongdoings have been swept under the rug, God is dealing with this city. When sin is exposed but no action has been taken to rid the sin, God allows the decay to rot from within. With the lack of police the city will slowly die a sinner’s death. 5,300 uniformed officers retired or put in their paperwork to leave the force in 2020; this is a 75% spike from the previous year. Do the math; without law, anarchy prevails. Keep your mask on and you’ll be fine. Keep defunding the police and your mask will be your only protection. God help New York!

Indeed, the day of the Lord comes,
    cruel, with wrath and burning anger;
To lay waste the land
    and destroy the sinners within it!

President Biden

With the fake news of Biden’s popularity soaring, you’d think he invented the wheel. In the eyes of the liberal media he does no wrong; well that is partly correct because he does nothing! I’m praying when the bishops meet later this month, they reach the consensus that Biden no longer receive Communion because Biden does not support Catholic doctrine.

My Prayer:

Dear Lord, though we cannot see the changes, we know that You are in control. Nothing will destroy all the work that has been done in our free country. Lord, I pray that all those who are confused, misguided and lost, will feel the breath of Your Holy Spirit. Lord, speak to all of us in dreams and renew our love for one another. You are the Master of us all and we wait for Your Holy Hand to move over this country. Amen


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