Vote In God We Trust

As an 18 year old I was registered democrat. In my twenties the Peace and Freedom Party took hold of my young plyable mind. I was deeply entrenched in the thoughts that liberated and freed my cerebral branches. A mind with God in the shadows, a mind on its own path and taking anyone who would listen. Not realizing back then that I had a gift to influence others but with seeds of toxic ideologies that had hold of my soul. I believed in woman’s rights and all that it represented. No man was going to rule my life. This mind had only room for self and settled comfortably and controlled me. I was angry but not really sure why.

As far as I was concerned the Republican party was evil and hated minorities only representing the rich. My jaded thoughts were steeped in my heart and my entire family were registered Democrats , our thoughts were one; we ate the same mana laced with relativism. We had a picture of President Kennedy in our living room, he was our demi god and our mother loved him and taught us to respect and love our commander in chief.

Our mother always had a political influence on me and up to her dying day exercised her right to vote. I loved and respected this lesson that she instilled in all of us. She was patriotic and always for the underdog, I honored her dedication to always be heard.

Image being part of the Peace and Freedom movement and then becoming a Born-Again Christian (I am now Catholic)? This was a paradox and the two forces collided with only one winner. It was during these formative years of Biola University that the Word of God was taking hold of my heart and I could no longer be angry surrounded with so much peace. The growth in my beliefs superseded all and nothing was more important than  pleasing God. My life was finally on a track, this gradual but gentle change caused me to see things in a different light. Understanding the meaning of life and the purpose of why I was born, how God choose Mike as my helpmate was part of His plan. As I surrendered my will to God, my mind was maturing to what was expected of me as Christian.

There is a plan in action with this election and God is in control.  I have already cast my vote  but like the rest of Americans the sentiment is the same, I have witness so much negative press on both end of the spectrum it’s repulsive. I choose not to post any obnoxious opinions on fb because it is displeasing to God.  Jesus never bashes, he loves.

We all have our reasons for who we are voting  so I guess this goes out to all who believe in God and to those who are stating to choose the lesser of two evils. To God there is nothing more evil that killing innocent lives or changing what God intended for marriage.  Attending daily Mass does not make me holier than thou but it does give me peace about this election. Remember the non negotiable before you vote and choose life and pray, pray, pray!

“There is a way which seems right to man, but its end is the way of death.”  Proverbs 16:25

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