You Can’t Erase History…It Already Took Place

Don’t follow the crowd, follow the leader. This leader has never voted, has always judged justly, and will always be the Chairman of the Board of the World. I am talking about the Triune God. He appoints leaders, and takes down nations. He will come to judge the living and the dead. (2 Timothy 4:1)


Hattie McDaniel: actress, singer-songwriter, and comedian

Gone With the Wind

All meaningful discussions are gone with the wind. Unless you agree with the mindset of liberals, you are considered a racist. I understand that change is needed, but it takes time to do it justly. You can’t be a newborn and expect to walk on the same day; that’s not how it works. The changes are long overdue, but if they are done with prayer and good leadership much can be accomplished. Destruction of public property, like toppling  the statue of Christopher Columbus, engenders misunderstanding for those of us looking from the outside. All I see is years of pent up anger. Christopher Columbus is a part of American history; whether you agree with it or not, he will always be a part of our history.

Hattie McDaniel, first African American woman to win an Academy Award

My favorite movie is “Gone With the Wind.” It’s a novel made into a timeless movie that I will always watch. Hattie McDaniel was nominated and won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She was the first African American woman to win an Oscar. She attended the awards show and was praised for her great talent. The people in the audience did not protest her win; rather they celebrated in her victory. Are you going to take this award from her as well? She portrayed a fictional character; the language and demeanor of  “Mammy” though now considered an offensive racial stereotype, was an acceptable narrative of the Antebellum South. I will always love this movie because of its powerful message of perseverance, and redemption.

I will continue to support what is right in the eyes of my Leader Jesus Christ. When you serve a just God, He will see the matters through. I have prayed for years for certain things to change. With age comes wisdom. Now I fully understand why I had to wait for the answers. The Lord was teaching me patience and perseverance before I got the response. More importantly, He was teaching me to trust Him. Trusting God has been one of my greatest challenges  during trials because when I didn’t see change immediately, I would revert to disbelief. I’d ask why? I’d cry out to Him in anger, and felt no relief. Then one day it happened: I prayed about a situation and waited. I saw things in the supernatural change for the better, little changes that made a huge difference. The anger that once turned into pain was being lifted from me. It was durning this epiphany that trusting God was finally cemented in my spirit.

Defunding the Police

This is an extreme measure that is going to create a culture of disrespect for authority. Before you know it, police will be required to ask, “Excuse me, but you broke the law. Do I have your permission to arrest you?” There are other ways to fix this problem. Leave it to the Police Unions, there will be changes, and we will all be informed. Stop demonizing all police officers. For the most part they are decent human beings who took an oath to protect us, and they deserve our respect.

Social Media

God created all of us in His image; this means we are all His children. A father only wants the best for His children.  No one will ever hold a gun to your head and force you to think as he does, right? But if you don’t agree with these demanding absurdities on Social Media, you are opening doors to great criticism. You will never win with the critics on Social Media; they rule the airwaves. The diabolical attacks are relentless because their arguments are loaded with half-truths. Half-truths are what the media thrives on, twisting and turning the truth to make it appear favorable to the  listening public. They feed the lies to the ravenous wolves; this is the meat they crave.

I took my grandchildren to help with an outreach, in South Gate, which is located in Los Angeles County. They wanted to listen to “their” music, I could not believe the comments of political propaganda playing out before and after every song. These messages are no longer subliminal; they are in your face, and it’s always what they want you to believe.

In the words of the President of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast:

Racism permeates every structure in our society. As our nation confronts the COVID-19 pandemic, which is disproportionately ravaging Black communities, we must address the public health crisis that racism presents. Public health by definition is built on the principle of saving lives.

There has been no greater threat to Black lives than violence being inflicted at the hands of the state — through the blatant violence inflicted by police and through centuries of policy that have systematically oppressed Black people since before the founding of our country.

PPGC pledges to lift our voices and to work alongside our partner organizations to demand justice for the victims and their families, and to fight racism.

In solidarity,

Melaney A. Linton
President & CEO
Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast

The blatant lies of supporting Black Lives Matter is almost comical. African Americans represent only 13.3% of the American population; yet more black babies are aborted than any other race. 36% of all abortions are by black women. The number one killer of black lives in the United States is  Planned Parenthood through its legally sanctioned abortions. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state that abortions kill more black people than HIV, homicide, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. So why is Black Lives Matter aligning themselves with Plannned Parenthood?

Jesus On the Cross

When the Jews and the Romans joined forces, their unity was hatred of Jesus. We as Catholics will never take Jesus off the Cross because this is our reminder that His Crucifixion  was the price he paid for our atonement! We believe in the crucified Christ because we want that image to be sealed in our hearts. It depicts God’s love, and what He sacrificed for us. We can’t change history because it will aways be a life lesson. Sometimes it’s painful.


The mainstream media introduced this organization as an ideology, but ask the citizens of Seattle.  Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ ) has taken over six city blocks. Some of their demands include to abolish the court system, and release all non-white prisoners so that they can be retried. How can you do that if there is no court system? If you do not believe these radical leftist really exist, google Gabriel Nadales, a former member of Antifa.

I know the God I serve, even with all this craziness, God will see us through.

Ecclesiastes 3:15 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

15 What now is has already been; what is to be, already is: God retrieves what has gone by.

In other words, there is nothing new under the sun.

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