Our journey starts at the birthplace of our Lord in Bethlehem.

The Wall

There is border separating Bethlehem from Jerusalem. This 20′ wall was erected in 2005  to impede bombing from the West Bank into Jerusalem. Depending on who you ask, the wall is either a great asset, or is referred to as an “Apartheid Wall.” This adversely affects the citizens of Bethlehem, because of the red tape to cross the border many pilgrims no longer visit the birthplace of our Lord. We cannot come to the Holy Land without this divine encounter.

Actual site of Jesus’ birth

It’s Holy Week and the Church of the Nativity was crowded with many foreigners. There was a Russian Mass being held on the upper level as we made our way down stairs to the actual birth site of Jesus. I placed all the prayer requests and asked God’s Holy intervention. We were quickly shuffled out to make room for the other pilgrims. Jane and I found an empty bench inches from the site, and had an intimate time with God. Even with the unruly crowd I still felt the powerful presence of The Holy Spirit.

This church also houses the cave of St. Jerome, who translated the Bible from Hebrew to Latin; this Bible is referred to the as “Vulgate.” St. Jerome died in Bethlehem but his remains are housed at St. Mary Major in Rome.

Our ministry team member have been guests of the 7 Arches Hotel for over 30 years. The 7 Arches recently experienced  a major facelift. The Hotel is located on the Mount of Olives overlooking the Old City. This is the site on Jesus’ second coming into the  Kidron Valley of Jerusalem (Zec. 14:4).

We currently share our meals with mostly Muslims from Burma,  Malaysia and many Chinese Christians. Few American dare venture into this mostly Arab section. We are different  because we know most of the staff and their benevolent gentle care for our group is most welcoming. The only complaint is the wifi, the hotel need to accommodate their guest with better service because only 60 people can use it at a time. I wake up early or stay up late to do my posting and Blogging.

Today is Holy Thursday and we will have a foot washing in the Upper Room, the same place where Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. From there we will practice the Passion for Good Friday’s reenactment of the carrying of the Cross on the Via Dolorosa. Please pray for us as we pray for you.

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