Carry Your Cross with Grace

Let’s face it we all have crosses to bear. We do not have a choice of the size of cross we are given but everyone has a cross. If you have an illness, children, a husband, siblings, parents, etc. one day they may become your cross. Some crosses are so big they become conspicuous and the world knows about them as you pass by. If you are constantly complaining about your situation in bearing your cross, you are not praying enough. Your positive attitude when carrying your cross will bring a new level of understanding of total dependence of God. We must grow from these experiences, to fulfill what God had intended for us.

Me, Alida and Jane on the Bosphorus in Istanbul

I have a dear friend Jane who had mastered the carrying of her crosses. About four years ago her husband of twenty-six years was diagnosed with stage two cancer. If this was not a big enough cross, around the same time God gave her another one when she suffered from a mild stroke.  Both Jane and her husband are on the road to recovery but in May she received an iron cross to bear. Her beautiful twenty-five year old daughter Elizabeth was diagnosed with melanoma stage four. Things are not going well for her precious daughter and the cancer has gained the upper hand in this battle. From the beginning Elizabeth’s plight as been a field of hidden mines and grenades coming her way. Elizabeth’s cancer is too far advanced for her to participate in any experimental drugs therapy. She needed immediate radical treatment to slow down the growth of her malignancy. Through this, Jane has remained steadfast, truly grace under fire. Sadly, I see the wear on her heart and her forlorn eyes from the clandestine pleading with God.  I will never understand how but my friend is a true testament of how to carry a cross with grace. Nothing is worst than watching your child suffer like this and as a parent we will do what ever it take to make it better for them. Jane hold on to Scriptures like “Nothing is impossible with God” This is what keep my friend focused on interceding for Elizabeth. Jane received a call on January 2, 2017 that her daughter was back in the hospital with complication from the brain tumors affecting her speech and other tumor messing with her logic. With Elizabeth in Denver and Jane in California, this add to the already strained situation.  Nonetheless,  this is where God meets Jane and hold her through this grievous trial. January 6, 2017, Elizabeth is scheduled for surgery to remove the cluster of culprit tumors. We are believing that Elizabeth will agree to the procedure and that this will be the road to her miracle. Jane will be at her daughter’s side, as always her rock.

Why Lord must we suffer like this? I ask and the answer is always the same, so that we understand our vulnerability and when we allow God to take over our pain it become His as well. He will bear the cross for us, The Lord is our modern day Simon of Cyrene but He will carry the cross the entire way. We never give up because we are faithful and trusting Christians right? When you are given this type of cross emotions are attached. Anger, blaming, questioning why you? In the end we revert to what comes natural, what brings us back to the foot of the original cross and just humbly bow our heads and pray without ceasing. Please join me in prayer for Elizabeth, she is recently engaged and plans to get married in October of 2017.

Dear Heavenly Father we come to you in urgency on behalf of your daughter Elizabeth. We stand in the gap for Elizabeth and in unity plead her case to you. Lord you know everything and we are begging for a miracle to reverse these cancer cell and to restore Elizabeth’s body. May this surgery be the link to your miracle for Elizabeth, Lord it is  in  your power to manifest a healing for Elizabeth. We understand that from the beginning of this trial you are there holding Elizabeth to your heart. We continue to be before your holy throne for precious Elizabeth in believing for her miracle. Amen!

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