Finding Your Way Back Home

Happy together
The one sock drawer

I believe that eventually all prayer petitions will be answered. Yesterday I was busy doing laundry. I was putting away the wash when I noticed a lone ankle sock in the middle of the floor of my bedroom. I don’t invest a lot of money in socks and have paid the price for this. In 2019 when I was working for my daughter Sonja during the Christmas season, the socks I wore were quitters; they kept creeping down past my heels. I was miserable! During my break I walked over to Lululemon (brand name ) to purchase a new pair. For the first time in my life I paid $15 for one pair of socks. This was one of the wisest fashion investments I have ever made. I wanted to purchase more of the same socks, but I could never justify the expense; so I took very good care of this pair. A few months later one sock went missing. I wanted to cry, but instead I took apart all of the folded sheets and pillow cases in search of the Lulu sock. I also prayed to find it as well.  I have a drawer dedicated to lost socks in hopes that one day the partner will show up. When I found the Lulu sock on the floor I was suspicious of the find, but when I examined the sock, sure enough, it was the infamous missing sock. Furthermore this sock had been missing for more than a year and a half. I ran down the stairs and asked Mike if he put the sock there. “What are you talking about? And why would I put a sock on the floor?” he answered. “Then how did it get there?” I thought.

Being United

A Facebook acquaintance recently suffered a horrific car accident. Through the fault of a careless driver, a mother and small child crossing the street were killed. The man was spared with severe injuries  and several broken bones. This person is not serving God but is gifted in many areas of his life. He suffers from animosity and anger that stems from his childhood. Both parents were abusive and he has carried these wounds with him to this day. I noticed from a recent posting that he is questioning his life and why he was spared. In our journey to reach our Maker, we live a life with or without God. Sometimes God allows us to go through these trials so that we can turn to Him. God is the Master of all, and He has many ways to get us to turn to Him. Those who are gifted intellectually and are on the road to self-destruction, God will physically slow them down. In this man’s case he has no choice but to be patient with his healing. God is actually killing two birds with one stone. Physical healing takes self-control because even if you don’t believe in God, you start to question His existence or blame Him for the mishap. The Lord is also healing this man spiritually by keeping him bedridden.

The Encounter

I met this man years ago and recognized the void in his life. This was supposed to be a festive family gathering, but it was not festive for him. He intentionally ignored his mother and the stress between this man and his father was evident. But I also noticed that this person had a passion for life and he shared this love with his wife. In a short conversation he shared with me that his neighbors thought he was involved in witchcraft. I, too, recognized this dark side, but I answered, “Maybe they don’t know the true you.” Since that day I started praying for him. The Lord revealed his brokenness; now I understand why he is dabbling into the occult.

We All Want Answers

I remember when my brother Robert was first  diagnosed with cancer.  He and his wife were desperately looking for answers. They got involved in “New Age” and all that that entails. They were praying to some Hindu gods to heal him. This experience was so  real  that my brother and younger sister Norma levitated while in a state 0f nirvana. Our mother knew this was not of God and quickly reunited with the one true God. It took a lot of prayer to pull Robert out of this belief;  but then he finally surrendered. He was truly at peace when the Lord took him home.

My journey is not so different.  As a young, radical feminist I was transformed by the love of Christ. There is no turning back when you’ve reached this true spiritual pinnacle. God allowed me to experience life as a free spirit with so much passion in my beliefs. I’m familiar with life without God. In my case it was riddled with anger and a passion to make things “right” but it was my “right,” not God’s. So when I came to the crossroads of my life, I took the well-lit road. My decision quenched my thirst for the ever living waters.

The sock is symbolic of how God longs to unite us to Himself. I never gave up on finding the missing sock. God never gives up on us in our journey to find Him. There is great rejoicing when we are united.

I’m still baffled about the appearance of  the sock, but I’m elated that I have them back together again!

My Prayer

Dear Lord, You know of whom I have written this story. You know his name, You know his brokenness, and You know of his pain. This person is on the road to recovery.  Lord, speak to him in dreams; allow him to hear Your audible voice. Touch all those who are in the valley of decision. Clear their path and bring them into Your sheepfold. Amen.

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