Satan is Real

The Hotel del Coronado

Years ago when Mike and I owned a tortilla factory we were part of an association call TIA (Tortilla Industry Association). Once a year this organization got together for an annual convention. In 1981 we had so many other obligations and were not planning on attending the event that year. At the last minute Mike announced that we were going to San Diego for the convention. Our reservations were hastily made, this was the first and only time we had stayed at The Hotel Del Coronado Resort.

The Hotel Del Coronado, also known as The Del, is located just across the San Diego Bay from San Diego. The Del is a beautiful Victorian beach front resort, and in 1977 it was designated a National Historic Landmark.

Our Stay At The Del

I do not like to be alone; frankly speaking, I get a little freaked out. Before COVID, Mike was always traveling, sometimes three days in a row. My sleeping pattern suffered from the fear of being alone at night. I prayed the Rosary and placed a crucifix under my pillow to calm my spirit. In my case, I believe that I have yet to deal with childhood trauma having to do with scary ghost stories. Thank God, my fears have almost left me!

Kate Morgan

I love antiques, so when we walked into the lobby of The Del, I was aww struck with all the dark wood and the stately pillars holding this magnificent building together. There was some  sort of glitch with our late reservation but when it was all sorted out we headed up to our room. We were staying in the original section of the hotel, I cannot recall the floor or the room number, but the room was  set up with two long twin beds. Between the beds was a oversized antique dresser. We headed downstairs for the evening festivities and came back up to the room for the night. Mike was overly tired and quickly fell asleep. I got into my long bed and was wide awake. Something was not right. I felt uneasy and scared, and because of the huge dresser I could not reach out to Mike for safety. Then I heard a loud scream, and by that I mean LOUD SCREAM! It was a woman’s voice. Immediately after the scream I heard a gunshot! In a muffled voice, I tried to scream for Mike to get up; but because of my fear, my voice sounded like a whisper. I was not serving God the way I am today, so all I could say was, “Please God, Please God!” By this time my eyes were glued shut. I still do not understand why I opened them, but what I saw was beyond my imagination. Right after the gunshot, with my eyes wide opened, I first heard someone running outside the window. Then I saw the rapid movements of a man’s arms as he tried to escape. Again I desperately called for Mike, but he was dead asleep. My body was petrified and I couldn’t move. I silently waited for the police to arrive but this never happened. By the time morning arrived, all I wanted to do was investigate what I witnessed. I got up to look out the dormer window, but there was only a pitched red roof! It would have been impossible for someone to run the way I witnessed. At breakfast I was stupefied when I tried to explain to Mike what I had experienced. He looked at me like I was a crazed storyteller.

The Haunted Hotel

I knew what I witnessed that night was real, so I did some investigating of my own. It turns out that The Del is haunted. In 1892 Kate Morgan, a young woman in her twenties, checked into the hotel alone. It was believed that she was there to meet a married man for a rendezvous. Five days later she was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head. The San Diego coroners determined that it was self-inflicted (but there is a lot of skepticism surrounding that story). Could it be that I  saw the man who murdered her? I heard her scream before he shot her in the head to make it appear as if it was a suicide. Is this why Miss Morgan haunts the hotel? Is it because her murder is still unsolved? Either way it was not a pleasant welcoming spirit, which means it had darkness attached to it.

Satan In Action

Satan is real. If you don’t believe me, go to Skid Row in Los Angeles. Drugs and alcohol play a major role for Satan. Once these spirits enter into your body, you become aligned with the Devil. I’ve seen it time and time again. The crazed look in peoples’ eyes, the altered behavior – all these changes occur with substance abuse. In the case of the young woman Kate, a spirit of depression came upon her;  whether she took her own life or she was murdered by her lover, the evil spirit of death was within her. She was alone and depressed. This, too, is an open invitation for Satan; he attacks us when we are the most vulnerable.

It’s In The Bloodline

Just as we inherited our looks from our ancestors, evil spirits can be passed on as well. In a previous Blog I wrote about Michael, a homeless young man. He mentioned to me that both his father and grandmother died of heroin overdoses. Michael then added that he, too, was addicted to heroin. That’s three generations! It doesn’t have to be like this because we can sever these past sins from our ancestors’ bloodline through prayer. No one’s bloodline is pure, and it takes special spiritual training to rid our bloodline of these impurities. For our bodies to function in a healthy manner we can’t have any infections in our blood. It works the same way spiritually; in order to operate with a pure mind we can’t have any outside influences that can alter our thinking.

Be sober and vigilant. Your opponent the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for [someone] to devour.

Listen To The Voice Of God

Once Satan gets ahold of your thought pattern, He comes in for the kill because you’ve crossed over into his territory, and you’ve become His slave. Remember Satan’s assignments are to rob, kill, and destroy; there is no hidden agenda with him. But remember God has a plan for all of us. If you or a loved one is suffering the effects of depression, self-hate, believing that no one cares for you  or loves you, you are sorely mistaken. Why? Because nothings is impossible with God, He is in the business of healing. Through trusting and praying you can cross over to the light.

10 A thief comes only to steal and slaughter and destroy; I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly. 11 I am the good shepherd. A good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.

My Prayer

Dear Lord, teach us to become prayer warriors for our loved ones. Help us to understand how to fight spiritual battles. Give us the right ammunition to quench the fiery darts of the Enemy. Equip us with the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, to offset the plans of Satan. Satan, you are defeated! We stand in the gap for our loved ones, and command you to leave in the Holy Name of Jesus! Amen.

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