First Holy Communion

Fr. Moneypenny and Cash

First Holy Communion is one of the seven sacraments celebrated by Catholics. In the month of May, our parish hosted three First Holy Communions: children from our parish, the Spanish program’s children, and the parish’s school children was this last Saturday. This special sacrament requires one year of classes, but at some parishes it may take two years of preparation. The child must first be baptized into the Catholic Church before receiving this sacrament.

Pam, Fr. Moneypenny and Cash (St. Norbert School)


In baptism we are joined to Christ. Baptism washes away our original sin. Baptism is the inception of  our Christian life. Once you are baptized into the Catholic faith, you will always be considered a Catholic.
Catechism of the Catholic Church:
An indelible spiritual mark . . .1272 Incorporated into Christ by Baptism, the person baptized is configured to Christ. Baptism seals the Christian with the indelible spiritual mark (character) of his belonging to Christ. No sin can erase this mark, even if sin prevents Baptism from bearing the fruits of salvation. 83 Given once for all, Baptism cannot be repeated.
First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion is the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation.  Receiving First Holy Communion strengthens us to bond closer with Christ. Through penance and reconciliation our sins are forgiven. The Church wants us whole, and it is through the forgiveness of sins that we can move forward without any guilt. We can repair damaged relationships through reconciliation and it restores our spiritual peace. So many graces are bestowed on us when we learn to forgive. The sincere purity of the forgiveness restores our weakened character and gives us confidence to move past our sins. It helps us to clear our conscience of any unpleasant thoughts that have kept us in bondage. With a clear conscience the Enemy can no longer remind us of our shortcomings. As for myself, not a day goes by without me committing venial sins, it is for this reason that I attend daily Mass. I desire to remain in the good graces of God.

Fr. Moneypenny, Lilly (parish group) and Teresa (Family & Life Formation)
Araceli (Family & Life Formation) Adam (Spanish Communion), Columbia (Godmother) and Miguel (Adam’s father and Araceli’s husband)
Teaching the Children

The most important lesson in life for your children is to lead them to Christ. Setting a firm Christian foundation starts with the parents. We are their first role models. If you want your children to live a peaceful life, they need God; without God they will be lost. To instill the love of Christ, is to live a holy life. We will always be surrounded by the world’s annoyances. Only through the love of Christ can we maneuver through life’s challenges by understanding the fundamentals of our Christian faith. The Catholic Church has centuries of experience in laying down the path for our salvation. The sacraments are fundamentals of our faith; and we cannot move forward without Baptism and First Holy Communion.

Selena, Deacon Randy, Brayden, Fr. Michael and Brian
Children’s minds are pliable for a reason; we must, at a young age, introduce Christ. This is referred to as the “age of reason.” This takes place around the second grade, when children understand the difference between good and evil. At this age children are aware when they have sinned, they also understand that sin is breaking God’s law. We all want our children to  become productive members of society. This is why, as parents it is our God-given responsibility to introduce Christ at a young age.  This is part of the molding of children’s spirits and characters as servants of Christ. Parents who do not instill Christianity in their children’s lives will suffer the consequences of wayward children. These are the kids who will fall for every wind of doctrine. This is all due to the lack of a solid Christian foundation. Yes, many of these children will succeed, but they will always feel that sense of void in their lives. The void is in their spirits waiting to be awakened by serving God. There is nothing more fulfilling.

Our job as parents is never done because we must continue to pray for our children. I have been praying for my grandchildren to continue with their Christian walk. I have also started praying for their future helpmates. I know that both of my grown children are instilling Christ in their children. Nothing is more pleasing to me as a Christian parent, because what the future holds for them will be fulfilled because they will be complete.

Damjan’s Croatian First Holy Communion
Damjan, with his parents, Ivana and Danijel


Croatia is a country that is not influenced by the craziness of  this world. This country of over 4 million is 90% Catholic. They are grounded in their Catholic beliefs. Religion is a priority for them, going to Mass is part of their existence. When our team visited this beautiful country, I was amazed at how packed out the churches were on Sunday and how people walked to church. There are no schisms in Croatia because they all understand who God is.
My friends Danijel and Ivana son, Damjan  made his First Holy Communion. In Croatia, the boys are dressed in white robes because their souls are white and clean, representing their purity. Ivana shared with me that after the service, Damjan kneeled before the Tabernacle to thank Jesus.
My Prayer
Dear Lord, I pray for all the children who will  make their First Holy Communion. Lord, help these innocent children to continue their walk with Jesus. May they never forget the Eucharist and the holy experiences they shared with You. Lord, I pray for all parents who have not taken that step to bring their children to You. Tug at their hearts, and help them make the right decision on behalf of their children. Lord, we need to fill our nation with love, and it is only through Your Holy Spirit that this can happen.  Amen.

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