Sleep Over At Grandma’s

By now the neighbors know my daughter’s dog’s name as Shut Up Paco. The yapper barks at everything not even the mixture of vinegar and water can repel the disturbance, he likes the flavor. The shock collar was next but he blew right through that too. My other grand dog is equally annoying, she sheds and suffers from small dog syndrome, she’s huge but thinks she is a lap dog.image

My grandchildren were each given an allowance of $5 for the Dollar Store; silly string, candy, soda pop and make-up for Maddie; at the counter Jacob started a scene with bad behavior. First came the look (that never works) next the verbal warning, then the counting to three, and finally the whack, two hard ones on the butt. It ‘s not that I’m old school but it is the only thing that works on Jacob. Call the police, video tape and shame the grandma, I’m still going to do what works. As we were leaving the store my voice echoed all the way to the car, NO ONE GETS A THING FOR 30 MINUTES! AND IF YOU TALK BACK ANOTHER 10 MINUTES WILL BE ADDED!

Soon all was forgiven and they swam for a short while, it was only 6:30 by the time that they were done,  Netflix to the rescue. I took the dogs outside for a potty break when Maddie comes running out with the announcement that Lucas puked all over his tablet and PJ’s, after he got cleaned up he asked for more candy! William’s behavior was saintly and he was not sick; very suspicious.

Maddie polished my nails two different colors; three coats plus a top coat, my nails took so long to dry that they got stuck on everything.  I  kept getting like notifications from Intagram only to find out that Maddie posted a selfie.image

I was ready for them to go to bed by ten, oh no! not these kids. As if it were New Year’s Eve they waited for the next day for bed time; Jacob did fell asleep and looked like a motionless marionette, I had to carry forty pound of him upstairs . We said our prayers and finally I was praising God for much needed rest.

Where was Mike during all  this? Well, Mike always comes in for the clean-up and like the fourth man at bat he hits a grand slam. Mike cooks, washes, vacuums, and yells a lot. Together our little family is safe in the arms of screaming temperamental grandparents…we adore them but mostly love where they came from.

“Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers.” Proverbs 17:6

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