Good Night Nepal

November 2012

As we made our way down from  the world’s highest point, we stopped to visit the orphanage but Joanne (78 years) could not manage climbing all the steps, so the children came to the jeep to leave us beautiful flowers. Our departure was dismal but filled with love, until next time my heart was saying.

Beautiful Children from Tibet Border Orphanage
Beautiful Children from Tibet Border Orphanage

Another team member from Bangalore was waiting our arrival down in Kathmandu. Bobby, originally from Calcutta personally knew Mother Teresa. Bobby tells the most intriguing stories about Mother; one in particular was when he asked Mother why? and Mother Teresa grabbed his hand and on each finger she said “We do it for Jesus!” Bobby lived a stone throw away from Mother Teresa’s convent and had the privilege of working along side her on a regular basis.  Joanne, our group leader is the fruit of Mother Teresa and our ministry’s prayer manual is filled with Mother’s prayers. Mother Teresa was a good friend to Joanne and visits to India were frequent while Mother was alive. On September 4, 2016, Mother Teresa will be canonized  and our team will be there to witness this historical event.

Nepalese people are hungry for the harvest and this country will produce much needed spiritual fruit. Many other heavy hitter for God’s kingdom are moving mountains in this region as well, like Ruben Rai along with other pastors who work tirelessly to spread the Word of God. They all need financial assistance; the orphanage was completely destroyed by the 7.9 earthquake of 2015 and though no physical casualties reported they had to start anew. I know many of you will be moved by this work of God, you can be part of this great genesis by giving to their needs; please email me for details.

Pastor Brian and Ruth with sons Saran and Samardh
Pastor Brian and Ruth with two of their four sons Saran and Samardh

Bobby and his lovely wife Veronica have since moved to Kathmandu to work along side Brian and his wife Ruth. I know that together they will win many souls to Christ, they both have many gifting and in sync they will do a great work for God.

Natalie, Bobby and Me
Natalie (our team), Bobby and Me

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