Not an Ordinary Sunday

Our hotel/grocery store/ bakery Beautiful Croatian Family

Our day started with a short walk to Mass, So many families walking to the the service. It seems that the norm in Croatia is to have more than three children.

The people here are tall, very tall, woman are thin and beautiful and they dress in fashion that have not reached our racks. I purchased a pair of sandals for comfort and fashion, then at one of the services I noticed an elderly nun with the same pair.

Our hotel/grocery store/bakery is located in a small community so we  fraternize with the locals. Their daily bread is baked early in the morning and I’ve become a consumer of these great taste, textures and fillings. The only form of excerise has been to the restaurant to the car to the services.

Our two hour drive to Osijek is beautiful during the day but when evening falls it’s a little scary, they drive 100 miles per hour and that is not an  exaggeration. So even if you are dead tired you stay awake to keep the driver alert.

There were over 1,200 people at the service in Osijek and just like before they all received prayer. Prayer is a personal matter and we handle it with kit gloves, Last night was no different.  Farther Karol stood out in the crowd, so filled with the spirit.image

Jane giving Fr. Karol See’s Candy and Danijel

It was midnight by the time the band had packed all the equipment, most of us were done praying with the exception of Joanne, her line is always the longest.  I saw a chair flying followed by a body thrown 15 feet. It was a demon  possessed woman. Joanne continues to pray for her. I heard three different languages so there were at least three demons. Not gonna, lie it was intense and everyone  that knows me know that this kind of stuff make me very uncomfortable. I will not go into detail but this battle continued for 30 minutes. Joanne did not back down and the team was there to back her up in the spirit. Fr. Karol must be an exorcist because he was equipped with holy water, sprinkled the young lady but the demons retorted, screaming NO!  NO! Then with his gentle hand he put oil on her forehead and knelt beside her and prayed over her, She was finally calm and  coherent. We think we are all trained to handle this but you come face to face you’d better be prepared in prayer and fasting and let the experts handle it.

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