Dugo Selo

The  gymnasium at Dugo Selo High School was packed out for the service last night, we were all exhausted for much  virtue was poured out.image

Croatia is a country of over 87%  Catholic and groups like Kristafori are bringing their faith back in alignment with God.

The message from both Joanne and Linda was on unshakable faith , Hebrews 11:1 and on Acts 16:31, Is. 53:5, and 1 Peter 5:8-9.

Each of  us were used by God and with the assistance of Kristafori staff everyone received prayer. The musician’s anointing set the stage for the glory of God was all over them. image

Our lines were long and yet the faithful people waited  patiently for prayer. Many just wanted prayer for direction for their ministry or to know how the Lord was going to use them. We prayed for the broken hearted, the sick and those wanting to be delivered of fear.image

This is a big responsibility for the team to pray and humbly be an instrument of God.

At each session we are appointed an  interpreter and  catcher.

Pray for us today, we graduate to a  stadium.




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