The Border Walls Around Our Minds

Do you remember the terminology, “Silent Majority?” Richard Nixon used this term in a political speech 1969. The silent majority were discribed as people who did not publicly share their political view. They kept silent even though they had a voice. We have now formed a new group of standing your ground, and not allowing the others to voice their opinion. Today people are entrenched in their own ideologies, they do not want to hear, or consider what you have to say, unless you are in agreement with them.

I have a voice, but I also listen to that still small voice when the Lord is speaking. When it comes to the “Wall” you know the big white elephant sitting on the lawn of Capital Hill? Do we need the wall? Do we need border security?

My material grandparents were from the states of Zacatecas, and Aguas Caliente in Mexico. They crossed the border into California in the 1920’s, My oldest cousin Delia said she still has her father’s greencard. My entire life I suspected that my grandparents crossed illegally. After checking and confirming my cousin Delia’s information with our Tia Maria, the matriarch of the family, my tia said that both of our grandparents came into this country legally. Their purpose was to make a better life for their family. The unique thing about my grandparents is that they both became American citizens. They never took a penny from the government. They paid their taxes because they obeyed the laws of their new land. My grandfather was self-employed, the owner of a barber shop.

I recently had dinner with a Protestant clergyman. This kind man decided to join the caravan that was crossing the border in December. He said that there were very few people in the group that were coming for the same reasons my grandparents came. This gentleman also mentioned that for the most part, what he witnessed was angry young men that belonged to gangs. My friend is a humanitarian, and has always stood for the immigrants. He worked in one the largest school districts for years and knows the ins and outs of this great concern. I know what he is saying is the truth because I have known him for many years. He is a holy man of God who has no reason to lie.

The Word of God says that the truth will set you free. How are we to distinguish the truth from deception? I always ask God to reveal truth in matters like this. We are a country that was established as “One Nation Under God.” That still holds great value for me; when I see wrong, I want to correct it.

I researched the distance from Honduras to the US border and it is about 3,600 miles. With the influx of people crossing over to the US, where do they get their financial support to make such a long trek? They have to eat, drink water, but where does the aid come from? If the last group swelled up to as many as 6,000, did they all get across? If the detentions centers are empty on the Mexico side, where are these people? I believe that this money is supplied by a billionaire, who I will not mention, because not only do I take the 5th, I am not ready for that type of dirty retaliation.

Stephen Dinan, of The Washington Times on Wednesday, May 30, 2018 reported:

“HHS (Health and Human Services) paid more than 1.4 billion last year to accommodate nearly 41,000 UAC (Unaccompanied Alien Child) in its shelters, which means taxpayers paid about $670 per day for each child.”

You can check all the facts for yourselves, the money train is running at full speed, and we are the ones footing the bill.

I have read and researched the terrible plight of immigrants coming into our country. The gangs they are running away from are now infiltrating our country, and we should all be in an uproar about this. You can check these statistics for yourself through the government website of Homeland Security; these are real facts. And while you’re checking, make sure you educate yourself on how many of these gang members are in our prison system.

I pray that there is a way we could aid this desperate situation, but we cannot take on this burden.

We have turned into one nation under a dusty cloud. One thing I’m certain of is that the truth will always be revealed.

I pray a lot. I believe that our Lord is always in control, but we must do our part as well. We cannot continue to operate in hate without facts. Please seek the truth because without it our country will unravel. We cannot take on the problems of the world, but we can make a big difference by praying. I pray that this bit of information will enlighten you to seek the truth because the main stream media is riddle with half-truths and lies to lead you astray.

A half-truth is to get you to believe the lie, this is one of the oldest tricks of
Satan. Remember, truth is never arbitrary or subjective, it’s just the truth.

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