The Joy Of The Lord


My joy: Will, Lucas, me, Jacob and Maddie

The joy of the Lord is free and can be experienced through trials and joyful times of your life. The key to this joy has never changed: your relationship with God.

Patience, for me, is a challenge. I hate to wait for anything. But praying has taught me to become more patient. When it’s in God’s hands, He will be the one to lead me out of the storm. Life’s storms have become darker, and the Enemy is out to destroy families. We must remain steadfast in prayer and patiently wait on the Lord.

The definition of patience:



1.  The quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like.
an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay.
I am a work in progress. On my way to sainthood, I stumble constantly because of complaints and irritations. It will be a long journey for me!
Kindness is a matter of the heart; in order to be kind, you must have a pure heart. Kindness is an action that does not desire reciprocation. It comes naturally, encompassing thoughtfulness. I recently went to lunch with my friend Helen. When I ordered tea, she knew that this particular restaurant did not carry the sweetener that I use; so when the tea arrived, Helen handed me packages of the brand that I use. Her kind gesture made my heart glad.
You give until you have no more. This is what the widow did in 1 Kings 17:14; she gave everything she had. What did she get in return? Her sons life and she never went hungry. Even people who have little give  because they trust that God will supply. A truly generous person never worries about money, food or clothing because they understand how God provides.
Faith is trusting God even if it takes a lifetime. That is what St. Monica did; she never once gave up believing that her loved ones would one day serve God. After sixteen years of prayer for her abusive husband and unkind mother-in-law, St. Monica experienced the joy of her answered prayers. Both her husband and mother-in-law were baptized into the Christian faith. Her wayward  son Augustine, however, would take a lifetime of prayer. She never gave up on St. Augustine, who became one of the greatest theologians and a Doctor of the Church.

My cat Prudie has a kidney disorder. Both Mike and I are gently caring for her. When she wakes up at 3 a.m. I get up to make sure she has plenty of fresh water to drink. Mike made her a comfortable place to sleep in his office. The way we treat our pets in these situations makes us aware of how we would like to be treated in our lives as we age.

My Prudie
My sister Norma cared for our mother in a gentle, loving manner. I could never have stepped into that role, but my sister felt called to do this. From her loving experience as our mother’s caregiver, Norma now works for an assisted living facility in Arizona. The Lord was training her for her new career.
There are many aspects to self-control. I understand the most important one: to control my tongue. The many times I’d wish to tell someone what I was truly thinking, my self-control kicked in to automatic and my tongue was muffled into silence. This is a lesson of spiritual, maturity and it took me a long time to discern that it was part of my growth.
I have little self-control when it comes to shopping; please pray for me!
Using Our God-Given Tools
God gave us The fruits of the spirit  to help us live a spiritual life. If you are complaining, putting others down because they have hurt you, where has it gotten you? If you are this person, do not be surprised when you feel isolated. No one wants to be around a toxic person. Pray for God to get you out of this negative talk; only then will you be able to experience the joy of the Lord.
My prayer
Lord, I pray for those who are stuck in their self-pity believing that they are right. There is so much You have in store for them if they would surrender all their hurts to You. Open their hearts to love and move mightily in their lives. Amen.

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