Spiritual Battles

My current weapons

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on fighting spiritual battles, but I do have knowledge and experience on how to fight in Satan’s battlefield.

Ephesians 6:12    New American Bible (Revised Edition)

According to Ephesians. 6:12 we are fighting an intangible spirit, one that is ruled by darkness. Satan is the ruler of all darkness. Once this dark spirit penetrates the soul of a loved one, we must go into the battlefield on their behalf.
Evil spirits are  always waiting for an open door. Any type of addiction, especially pornography and drugs, will swing the door wide open to darkness. These are a few  other examples of how the Enemy sneaks in: curses, witchcraft, crystals, astrology, tarot card readers, fortune tellers, evil eye and Yoga.  Once the door is opened, the Enemy brings a legion of spirits to take over that person’s  mind, spirit and soul.
The word “Legion” is mentioned in the Bible several times; it is associated with demons.

When a door is opened to the Evil One, he brings other demons to torment you. Jesus counseled his disciples that it would take more than prayer to rid a person of these demons. It takes fasting and going into warfare. (Mat 17:21).

The Mind

The Enemy is cunning, and knows when to comfortably move in. With a welcome mat and an open door, he makes himself at home. He starts his dirty work by convincing your loved ones that a little porn never hurt anyone, or that they can use drugs occasionally, assuring them that they are in control. They are never in control of an addiction! It controls them. Once they’re sold out, and immersed in the sin, they continue to lie to themselves that all is well.
One fundamental element to recognize a dark spirit is when a person lies. We must all remember who the father of lies is:  Satan himself! When your loved ones’ lying becomes habitual, their minds no longer belong to them. They will eventually believe the lie, so much so, that they’ve become a master of lies. Darkness has cast a shadow over their thoughts, and their lives no longer belongs to them.
We all have a free spirit; that is what God willed for us. The Lord loves us and wants to continually guide us into the light. The job of the Enemy is to keep you blinded, so he can control you.
The Spirit
Our spirits are meant to be under the subjection of the Holy Spirit. When sin enters, confusion follows; your spirit is no longer yielded to the obedience of God. In order to serve God, your spirit must remain pure. For this reason the Enemy loves to attack our spirits, especially those who make a difference in God’s Kingdom.
I’m grown in the Lord enough to recognize how the Enemy comes to harass me. This usually happens when I’m tired or doing God’s work. The Enemy will speak condescending words to me, “Why do you bother to write this Blog? No one reads it.” Or “You think you’re so holy .” I can get into a rut by listening to Satan’s negative words or I can tell him to shut up.  If you’re weak in spirit or too tired to fight the battle, this will turn into depression. It has happened to me many times.
The Soul
The Enemy is after our souls. That is why so many musicians are famous – they sold their souls to the Devil. Katy Perry, Bob Dylan and Snoop Dog, to name a few, have come out publicly stating that they sold their souls to the Devil.
According to exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger, people become possessed through mortal sin.  He added that one of the more common ways was through pornography. Anything having to do with the sin of pornography is from the pit of hell. This sin is running rampant, taking over the internet and causing many to lose their souls.
If your loved ones are caught up in this sin, you will definitely have to battle. The best way to start is by meditating on  the Word of God. Ephesians 6:13-17  teaches us how to prepare to fight the demons.
Jesus is our breastplate, our shield and our protection in all our spiritual battles. When the flaming arrows come at us, our faith will keep us from injury. With so many demons unleashed on earth, we must be ready to take our Christian stand against the Evil One.
My Prayer
Dear Heavenly Father,  Be our defender and safeguard when we come against demonic spirits. Cover us with Your precious blood as we battle for our loved ones who are hurting because they have fallen away from Your light. Increase us in faith to go into the battlefield to claim what is rightfully ours. I call on all saints, especially Saint Michael, to stand in the gap (Ez 22:30) for us when we become too weak to fight. Lord, lead us to victory. Amen.

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