The Recovery

Recovery face
Pinhead toe

I had foot surgery on December 27th to correct the hammertoe that had been ruling my life for the last couple of years. With this I discovered that my husband Mike is one step away from becoming the venerable Mike. If he could he’d be taking my vitals as well. So much free time at the mercy of my recovery made for watching ridiculous shows like Hollywoods news. Rita Wilson was being interviewed and all I caught was her response, which was, “Well we have a president that gropes women, what do you expect?” The reporter had no comeback. Any good and honest reporter would have brought up President Clinton’s behavior and asked, “So you’re ok with President Clinton’s behavior while in office?” Nope, not going to happen! The arrogance of these people! This is why I will never watch another movie with these buffoons.

Another equally disturbing news feed was how different police departments are incorporating meditation, as a the new way of relaxation, thank you Oprah for opening another door to the world,  I am not a fan, I never follow what she has to say.  The word of God says “And from everyone who has been given much shall much be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.” Luke 12:48  Oprah needs to be careful with all the followers she leads astray.

Let’s talk about facts on meditation; this is a religion with Pantheistic beliefs. In the mantra you are calling to Hindu gods.  I do not open those doors because it separates you from the one true God; everything the enemy does starts off  innocently and then leads to bigger things. 2 “I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. 3“You shall have no other gods before me. Ex 20:2-3 If you don’t believe me read the story of Father Kneemiller, who for years, before becoming a priest dabbled in this New Age belief. Father Kneemiller’s article on the dangers of New Age is-eye opening and I pray that you read it with an open heart.

In every Yoga pose, its meaning is praying to a spiritual Hindu god, but not too many yoga sizers are aware of the dangers attached to this practice. Back in the early seventies I too fell into the routine by watching a program on television, and participating in the excerise. When I started serving the Lord I realized that this was questionable. At that time I was a “Born Again” Christian, and when you are a baby in Christ, all you want to do is convert others, and please God. There are plenty of misguided Christians as well as Catholics who still practice these New Age religions. A well known priest, Father Jose Gallegos, an exorcist from the Archdiocese of Barcelona, Spain, warns against the practices of reiki and yoga. Now why would an exorcist warn against this?

 I tapped most of Hallmark’s Christmas movies; they are clean and offer hope. Granted they all share the same story line, and just about anyone could write the script. It’s either Hallmark or watching Game Of Thrones with Mike; just a five-minute segment was traumatizing. It was scene with a sword fight in which the victor not only slashed the opponent’s throat but savagely yanked out the man’s tongue and waved it at the onlookers. The way Mike explains this program is that it’s about real life. I walked out of the room dazed and confused.

I posted a picture on FB post op bragging about not taking any pain pills, but my pain became so intense I removed the picture. The opioids prescribed are making me sick to my stomach, my hair is developing dreadlocks and my back is out, Other than that I have no complaints. All my concerns are temporary and trying my patience, but so far I’ve only called a couple of my friends to register these lightweight laments. I cannot drive for one month, Dear Lord, help me with that trial!

New Years Prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for everyone who has ears to hear the truth, and for this year to be a year of reckoning with all we have not done to please you. Keep us from temptation and guide us to hear Your still small voice, and do what is right and pleasing for You. Allow us to operate in your pure love, and let us be grateful for all you have given us. Restore health to all who are suffering, repair broken hearts and bring healing to your land. Amen!



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