They Have Names

Vernell and me

When I stared to pray for him, I had to move his long dreadlocks to the side so he could hear me. The Lord revealed to me that he was a singer. I spoke the words that God was giving me, as they were prophetic. Though I never conveyed this on my Blog, this time it was different, and this is the only way of explaining the holy encounter. His name is Vernell. His sweet voice was shaky when he started to sing a beautiful praise song. As Vernell continued to sing, we could see the sadness lifting. I told him to go on with singing his praise songs, as much healing comes from praise music. Vernell was a gospel singer, and I knew that with prayer, he would soon be singing in a choir again.

Psalms 59:16 But I will sing of your strength; I will sing aloud of your steadfast love in the morning. For you have been to me a fortress and a refuge in the day of my distress.

Jane and Gary praying for Frank

His name is Frank, and he could not get up because the night demons got a hold on him. Gary and Jane prayed for him. Whatever happened to Frank broke him and he is a rut of lies. That’s what the Devil does, talking to them and reminding them that no one cares and that this is their lot in life. God’s plan is never for a person to end up Skid Row.

Psalm 102:17 He shall regard the prayer of the destitute, And shall not despise their prayer.

Gracie’s cozy tent

Her name is Gracie, and she is waiting for housing.  In the meantime she keeps a pretty tidy tent. Gracie is organized and her dwelling is not only impeccable but has a special  interior decorator’s touch.

Robert, Leah, me,Daniel, James, Jane and Gary

His name Daniel. His appearance would scare many, but what we saw was his beautiful heart. His red bloodshot eyes filled with tears as we prayed for him. To the world, Daniel is on a downward spiral, leading nowhere, but to us there is  hope for him. The Lord revealed to me that he had a calling from the age of five, I reminded him not to give up, that God was not done with him yet. Daniel’s lack of love was evident, but for a moment his loneliness was lifted with gratitude.

Ignacia and me

Her name is Ignacia, she is Cuban, and she is not homeless but her sons are. Ignacia spends many hours on 5th street watching over her boys, who were both asleep in the tent. It is very sad to see a mother do this, with the guilt-driven spirit that  keep her captive to her sons.

Mary,Tamysha,me, Cheryl, Robert, Leah, and Gary

Her name is Tamysha. Before we parted ways we prayed, and as Robert was leading the prayer Tamysha approached us. We broke from holding hands to allow Tamysha to join us in prayer. This sweet baby was so broken that she cried through the entire prayer. She showed great respect and reverence to the devotion. I held her tightly and we could not let each other go. We cannot imagine what she left to come to this living hell, Tamysha’s yielding to the prayer was a supernatural experience.

Psalm 109:22 For I am poor and needy, And my heart is wounded within me.

We leave blessed, not a Facebook blessed, but an honest to goodness feeling of great accomplishment. Thank you, Lord, for Jane, our logical brain of the team; Gary, our passionate warrior; Robert, our mighty spiritual intercessor; Mary, your hand and eyes bring healing; and Leah, our powerful woman of God and long time Skid Row partner.

We do this as a group and at no time could do we go on our own. It takes a team of dedicated intercessors to be used in this ministry, but in the end we are the ones that are transformed. We can change the paths of homeless persons through prayer, and they are converted through love.

We as a team will continue to pray for Vernell, Frank, Daniel, Ignacia, Gracie,Tamysha, Cheryl, and all the countless others not pictured. So many positive divine appointments that our hearts are overwhelmed, so please join us in lifting these precious souls in prayer.


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